Jeff Le Bars and Sylvain Livenais - Coquino (Official Music Video)

Jeff Le Bars and Sylvain Livenais – Coquino

Jeff Le Bars and Sylvain Livenais music video “Coquino” is a monochromatic animation with many objects made of paper dancing and floating through the air. A light switches on in a model living room that’s been trashed by a party perhaps. A sour-faced maid who is rotund despite her 2D paper composition, stomps into the room, her shoes clicking on the floor. She utilizes her feather duster as a sort of conductor’s baton or magician’s wand, waving it in time to the indie rock beats, tapping her toe all the while. The mess in the living room starts rising up just as the music rises, the maid bouncing and jiggling along the whole time – her efforts could put Mary Poppins, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Merlin all to shame. She herself even lifts off the floor at one point, wagging her finger in time at the mess. Suddenly, the old lady of the house pokes her head in the door, sniffing around, but our maid is too fast for her, as everything is in it’s proper place and she bends over, stoically dusting a side table.

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Tribute to Quino made on the occasion of his arrival at the crossroads of animation.

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