Jennifer Hudson: 'Remember the Music' Single Review

Jennifer Hudson: ‘Remember the Music’ Single Review

Jennifer Hudson: ‘Remember the Music’ Single Review

Jennifer Hudson is a musician whose voice is unmistakable. Her voice is different. It is unique and one of a kind; it is powerful and the most outstanding tool in her career. It takes the lead in her song titled “Remember the Music,” which is from the Fox TV-hit series, Empire. We see her in episode 10 of Empire where she acts as a music therapist. I found this interesting; if it must be a music-themed series, and Jennifer Hudson must be cast, you might as well cast her where she fits quite comfortably. It is in this episode where she sits down on a piano with her patient and sings this beautiful song.

“Remember the Music” is absolutely amazing. The calmness in the piano and Jennifer Hudson’s voice as the song starts is all mind-blowing. The song is captivating right from the very start. It puts you in an emotional trance where you are guided by nothing but the music and Jennifer Hudson’s graceful voice. It has been a while since a song made me feel like this. This song has the power to command inner peace and create an environment where it’s just you and the song.

“Follow my hands / I’ll teach you how to play / I’ll be patient with you / someone was patient with me,” those are the first words of the song. It would be someone just being snooty if they said these words do not move them. An even bigger snoot is one that would say they are not moved after they listen to Jennifer Hudson sing them to that calm piano melody.

The beat comes in as she continues to sing, “There’ll always be a chance that you could hit the wrong note / everybody can laugh and make you think you won’t grow / you don’t have to give up / it’s not the end of the word.” This is also beautifully sang with exceptionally controlled vocals. Jennifer Hudson deserves a Grammy just for being Jennifer Hudson. This woman has a beautiful voice as it is angelic on every note.

She climaxes with her vocals as she sings the chorus where she preaches a very inspirational message about living and learning. She tells us that even when times get tough, it is only temporary. The chorus gets more personal when she sings, “All you got to do is make that call / I’ll be there / don’t be scared / you don’t got to lose it / remember the music.”

“Remember the Music,” on the surface, sounds like a song that is telling you to remember the music, but it has a deeper meaning. From a point of analytic thinking and understanding, this song is about someone being there for you and knowing you can always count on them. The beauty of poetically written music is the message hidden within the lyrics. The entire concept of “Remember the Music” is beyond impressive because either on the surface or the deeper meaning, the song is incredible. Jennifer Hudson has never given anyone reason to doubt what she is capable of. She is an angel and when she sings and she is the angel with the best voice. It is beyond reasonable doubt that whenever she sings, she gives reason to remember the music she gives the world.

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