Jennifer Lawrence: Stealing Hearts Effortlessly

Jennifer Lawrence: Stealing Hearts Effortlessly

Jennifer Lawrence: Stealing Hearts Effortlessly

Jennifer Lawrence has swooped into the realm of stardom, and is stealing the hearts of America- without even trying! At only 25 years of age, this young goddess is dominating the screen with her versatile and natural talents. Although she has had no formal acting training, she has proven time after time that she can keep up with the “big dogs” of acting. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her quirky and charismatic charm, and we viewers are falling in love just watching her! But who is this young ray of sunshine, behind the intense actress? If you haven’t yet, here are five reasons to fall in love with the very real girl who lives behind all the fame.

Number Five: Her Talents and Success.

Jennifer Lawrence is best known for being one of the most convincing young actors to hit the screens. This academy-award winning actress is renowned for her versatility, and has earned praise for her starring roles in Winter’s Bone, X-Men, and The Hunger Games trilogy. Recently, she has stunned audiences with her part in The Silver Linings Playbook. This has shown that she excels not only as a powerful, gritty young woman, but also as a feminine lead in this romantic comedy. All of her talents are completely natural, as she has never had any formal acting training. When asked how she gained her acting skills, she admits that she was “a big liar when [she] was a child”. Besides her beautiful personality, her awe-inspiring cinematic performances are enough to win the hearts of America.

Number Four: She’s Well-Rounded.

Lawrence has everything going for her – she is smart, hilarious, caring, and simply fun to be around. Despite her lack of formal schooling, she proves her wisdom in a plethora of other ways. She finished high school early with a GPA of 3.9, and continues to indulge her love of reading. She has been known to pick up a book or two on set between filming. Before acting was even a possibility for her, she aspired to be a doctor. She is very caring towards other people and always puts them before herself. Once, in the middle of an interview, she spotted a wheelchair-bound fan behind the security gates who was crying profusely because she couldn’t see what was happening in the mob of people. The humanitarian in Lawrence pushed her to interrupt the interview to go hug this fan until she felt better. What more could you ask in a role model?

Number Three: She’s got Spunk.

Lawrence’s co-stars are always raving about the positive energy that she brings to the set. She admits that once when filming for The Hunger Games, she and her co-stars were getting tipsy and “running around [the set] like idiots”. Nobody complained; everybody loved the fun that she brought to work. In addition to the drinking, she and Josh Hutcherson were quite the pranksters on set. Hutcherson once put a dummy in Lawrence’s bathroom that, upon finding, allegedly made her pee her pants. She claims to pee when she’s nervous. Maybe partly to repay Hutcherson for this joke, Liam Hemsworth reports that she would purposely eat foods like garlic and tuna fish before filming any kiss scenes with the boys; how deliciously devious. She has quite the endearing sense of humor, largely due to the fact that she does not filter herself. In various interviews, she is constantly raving about food (especially pizza) and histrionically acting out the hilarious antics she has experienced- say, maybe a trip to a senior citizen strip club. She knows how to handle herself, and while this quirky sense of humor might ruin other celebrities, it works wonders for her. Why? Well, I like to believe that it is because that’s exactly who she is. She refuses to pretend to be anyone but who she was born as. Other celebrities may get drunk, out of control, and quite risqué, but Jennifer prefers simply to put chopsticks in her nose and walk around like a walrus. Classic.

Number Two: She Speaks Out for Positive Body Image.

I find that one of the most endearing qualities Lawrence possesses is her ability to speak out for what she believes in. In many scenarios, Lawrence has spoken out over the modern injustices regarding body image. She has claimed that for many roles, producers have asked her to lose unnecessary amounts of weight. To this request, she refuses every time in regards to the message it relays to female viewers. She claims that “[W]e have the ability to control this image that young girls are going to be seeing. They see enough of this body that they will never be able to attain and it’s an amazing opportunity to rid ourselves of that in this industry.” Lawrence has truly struggled with this, as body transformation has become almost a necessity in said industry. When this was a requirement for her part as Katniss, she was very conscious of the message it would send to younger audiences. She worked tirelessly in her training to make her body look “fit and strong” as opposed to “thin and underfed”. She has vowed never to starve herself for a part. Lawrence has also spoken out for her disapproval of calling people fat. She has made it known that she “thinks it should be illegal to call someone fat”. In an interview, she has stated, “Why is humiliating people funny? I get it, I do it too. We all do it… But I think when it comes to the media, the media needs to take responsibility for the affect that it has on our younger generation, on these girls that are watching these television shows and picking up how to talk and how to be cool…” It is for these words that many young women finally have an inspirational and attainable role model.

Number One: She’s Real.

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t just another celebrity persona, she is a real girl who grew up (to the age of 14, anyway) just like any of us did. She was born and raised with her two brothers in Louisville, Kentucky. During her childhood, she was a cheerleader. Don’t let that deter you though, she has always considered herself a tomboy. She earned the nickname “Nitro” for her consistently high level of energy. In addition to cheerleading, she also played field hockey and basketball as a child. She also had a love for riding the pony that her parents owned. Now, she has quite the knack for archery. Since her childhood, stardom has done very little to change her sparkling personality- and that’s definitely a good thing. The hold that Jennifer Lawrence has on America is due to the fact that in every interview question, every word that hits the pop culture headline, it is all genuinely her. Celebrities more often create personas for the media, to avoid the criticism of fans and keep their image intact. Jennifer, however, remains fearless of the horrors of the media. America loves her because she is comfortable with herself and, even with the attention of the media, refuses to be anyone but that person. This is different from what viewers are used to seeing of starlets, which is why we’ve fallen so hard for J-Law. We love her because she is a 25 year-old young lady who is still finding herself, being immature whenever possible, and having fun along the way. She doesn’t believe that it is her responsibility to make anyone happy but herself, and she will never apologize for being that person.

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