Jennifer Lopez: 'Feel the Light' Single Review

Jennifer Lopez: ‘Feel the Light’ Single Review

Jennifer Lopez: ‘Feel the Light’ Single Review

Have you ever lost the love that once made you feel invincible and want nothing more than to feel above the clouds again? Well, Jennifer Lopez brings “Feel the Light,” the single from the motion picture Home, starring Jim Parsons, Rihanna and J-Lo herself. Love’s spark sometimes dies just like those Android phones, but it can be charged back up if the love is “still worth saving.”

Lopez talks herself into taking a jump as she sings, “here I go / It’s better now.” In the first verse, she looks back when “time was frozen,” but it was only for a moment before the lights went out. Her vocals rush into the bloodstream like an insulin shot because time is running; “Hurry Up / Hurry Up” because there is “no more waiting.” In the vocals, Lopez flies high, enchanting with a convincing delivery. “Feel the Light” is an emotional song about love, allowing the singer’s vocals to elevate and stand out impressively on the piano-driven production.

A live performance of the record would be a career-defining moment as the song is magic. The chorus ignites a magical spell on its listeners: “Feel the light / Shining in the dark of night / Remember what we forgot / I know it’s a long shot / But we’re bringing it all back / We’re bringing it all back.” In a fluorescent light, the chorus gleams into the soul, supporting the theme and focus of the song.

Production quality on this record is the keepsake, and it will be remembered long after the film’s release. Piano notes start the song and dramatically build with full drums, coordinating the force of the song with an ability governed in the background. It is the production that embodies the sentiment and connection with the music.

As a single, it could be a reasonable sized hit if promoted to the correct audience. The harmony/melody sticks with you because of its compelling dramatic part. Lopez was dominating last year; first, she starred in The Boy Next Door, which grossed $40 million at the box office. Secondly, Lila and Eva received raving reviews at the Sundance film festival. Thirdly, she released the animated Dreamworks film, Home, as the voice of Lucy (Tip’s Mom).

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