Jennifer Lopez ft. Trey Songz: 'What You Mean To Me' Single Review

Jennifer Lopez ft. Trey Songz: ‘What You Mean To Me’ Single Review

A soundtrack album for a Broadway musical “Finding Neverland” came out on June 9, 2015. Of all the magnificent songs on this album that I have heard so far, the fairest one of them all is Jennifer Lopez singing with Trey Songz the song titled “What You Mean To Me.”

Beauty of a woman or a child is not had to imagine because it is seen often. However, the beauty of a song and voices might not be that easily conceived. It takes a greater form of imagination from the neatest of minds to envision this kind of beauty. I need you to prepare your mind for this and when you finally attain this level of visualization, I need you to listen to “What You Mean To Me.”

Jennifer Lopez and Trey Songz on this song elevated their vocals and singing to a condition that is best described by the word “saintly.” Everything about this song is divine in its mightiest form. The connection between Jennifer Lopez and Trey Songz is undeniable. They sunk into the song and they sang it from the soul, a factor that is outstandingly noticeable when you listen to this song.

“Standing here, all at once all the words run dry,” sings Trey Songz in a soft serene voice as the songs starts with a light keyboard melody playing along. “Something’s changed, can’t explain and I can’t deny,” Jennifer Lopez continues with the same light keyboard melody accompanying her delicate vocals. This song sets the most tranquil mood a person can ever be in. The smoothness of these two musicians’ amazing vocals and the sound from the gently pressed keyboard bring forth the most pleasant sound from a duet.

The beauty of this song makes you imagine what the setting of the scene where it will be played in the Broadway musical “Finding Neverland” will be like. You’ll be torn between imagining how emotional or scenic it will be.

The chorus is sang in perfect unison which further exhibits the chemistry that was developed between Jennifer Lopez and Trey as they sang this song. This chemistry is one that cannot be faked because even the actors that hold the most prestigious accolades and reputations cannot act this one out. This chemistry is only achieved when you pick the right artists to collaborate on the right song. The compatibility of these two artists on “What You Mean To Me” is incredible. Throughout the song, you are in complete amazement at how each of them has their vocals on the right tones and pitches to utterly merge with the other’s vocals to produce an angelic sound.

The lyrics are poetical and the choice of words is in absolute line with what a fairytale should contain. Trey Songz is a gentleman that has perfected his talent to a level where he can comfortably work with anybody no matter what you present. His gracefully soft but yet powerful and strong vocals give him the ability to impressively adjust them to suit whatever style he is working with. Ms. Lopez, this woman has been smashing standards and creating exceeding reputations before I learnt my first words. And she’s still doing it. She only gets better with time and this woman is still an angel with the vocals. “What You Mean To Me,” is definitely a must have for anyone that appreciates a great ballad that satisfies at every measure of a good song.

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