Jeremih ft. Flo Rida: 'Tonight Belongs To U!' Single Review

Jeremih ft. Flo Rida: ‘Tonight Belongs To U!’ Single Review

Jeremih has been in the music game since 2008, creating and featuring on at least one hit every year since entering the game (“I Like,” “Down On Me,” “Amen”). I first heard of the R&B crooner back in 2009 when he released his debut single, “Birthday Sex,” off his self-titled album. I remember hearing the future anthem for birthday love-making everywhere from school dances (back in the freshmen days of high school) or adding it to mix CDs for friends (God, that sounds old). It’s funny hearing the song now and trying to remember how I thought about the meaning of the song when I was 14. Jeremih says he wants his music to have a timeless feel, and I think “Birthday Sex” and a few other singles still sound pretty fresh today.

His single, “Don’t Tell Em (feat. YG),” came out two years ago and was Jeremih’s third top ten hit. It also became one of the top songs of the summer, 2014. I couldn’t get into a car without hearing the DJ Mustard-produced single, and it can still be heard daily on the radio. Jeremih wants to continue his mainstream presence releasing “Tonight Belongs To U!” featuring the king of crossover hits, Flo Rida. “Tonight Belongs To U!” (emphasis on that random exclamation point) has Jeremih experimenting with a new sound, this time, opting for a throbbing electronic production that has more of a pop/dance feel than his previous records. Jeremih’s voice works well on most genres especially pop records that have a goal to remain in your head and on the charts for as long as possible. I’m not a big fan of Flo Rida because of how repetitive his songs get, but the sound of this single is definitely in his territory.

It’s interesting to hear Jeremih move away from his R&B lane and try something completely different from what he’s known for. I never thought I’d hear him embrace a sound like this for his own records, so I’ll give him props for moving away from the annoying yet successful mustard beat formula. “Tonight Belongs To U!” has radio hit written all over it, and I won’t be surprised to hear the club banger in the upcoming months. This EDM effort will be included on Jeremih’s third album Late Nights that still doesn’t have a set release date. After being a fan of “Don’t Tell Em” and hearing “Tonight Belongs To U!,” I think I might have to check out what Jeremih has to offer on this next album. I love a good hook, and Jeremih is one of the best in the game right now when it comes to catchy singles, so Late Nights shouldn’t be hard to love.

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