Jeremih Posts 'She Know It' Video, Announces New Mixtape

Jeremih Posts Up in ‘She Know It’ Video, Announces New Mixtape

Jeremih Posts 'She Know It' Video, Announces New MixtapePhoto courtesy of

Jeremih offered a taste of his new mixtape Not On My Album (N.O.M.A.) today, posting up in the music video for single ‘She Know It’ featuring Chi Hoover. Following a seductive joint EP with Los Angeles producer Shlohmo, the RnB singer has announced his first solo mixtape since his Late Nights EP in 2012. As you’ve probably guessed, Not On My Album  will feature material that didn’t make the cut for his upcoming Thumpy Jackson album. What the main musical difference between his Thumpy Jackson album and his N.O.M.A. mixtape is, we’re not completely sure. Jeremih says the album is “definitely for the trunk, definitely for the streets.” ‘She Know It’ is a laid-back documentary of a day in the life of Jeremih, where ‘every day seem like a Friday,’ and is supposed to be a “dope simple visual for the fans.” Jeremih and Chi Hoover, both from Chicago, are working together on a few more tracks besides ‘She Know It’. Maybe its because it followed the incredible collaborative EP No More , but ‘She Know It’ hasn’t got FDRMX too excited. Without Shlohmo’s intricate bass styling, Jeremih’s new tracks don’t have the same dark, gooey RnB feels that highlighted his hovering vocals on previous albums. ‘She Know It’ rests on a bed of un-exciting mid-level RnB that doesn’t really stack up to his previous work on songs like ‘Bo Peep’ and ‘All The Time’. We know Jeremih can produce some sick RnB songs, best illustrated by his Late Nights EP, so it’s not to say his music doesn’t impress. Perhaps it just takes more experimental, bass-heavy production to bring out the best in his silky falsettos. This is the first we’ve heard off of the new mixtape so far, so we’re hoping for more collaborations and risker production from the Jeremih’s new album and mixtape alike. Not On My Album will be released on August 4th this summer. Watch the ‘She Know It’ music video here.

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