Jess and the Bandits - Love Sneaking (Official Music Video)

Jess and The Bandits – Love Sneaking Up On You

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Comprised of one part big-voiced Texan and four parts mega-talented UK country fanatics, the UK-based country group Jess and The Bandits has played a central role in the popularization of country music across the Atlantic Ocean. The group came together after meeting during a performance, and rapidly developed a close bond through their mutual appreciation for music. Earlier this year Jess and The Bandits took the UK country charts for a storm with the release of their debut album Here We Go Again, proving that there is a desire for and an opportunity to produce excellent country music across the globe.

After their successful release, Jess and The Bandits have decided to keep the energy rolling through the release of a live EP titled Live at R.A.K. Studios. The collection features live performances of album cuts as well several covers from fellow recording artists. Chief amongst the cuts is the EP’s lead single, a reworking of Bonnie Raitt’s 1995 Grammy nominated “Love Sneaking Up On You.”

“Love Sneaking Up On You” tends to get the fans moving during live performances, and it also happens to be a favorite for Jess and the Bandits. For their reworking of Raitt’s classic Jess and The Bandits chose to approach the track with a more stripped back and organic feel in honor of their live EP. Whereas Raitt’s original recording of the single featured some synthesized production on top of the twangy yet rocking instrumentation, this version is all about the live production and the vocals.

Jess’s soulful voice soars across the instrumentation, helping to recreate the anthemic sound present in Raitt’s original presentation of the single. Her voice resonates with warmth and a healthy level of personality as it bops along the track’s bridge. The Bandits bring a level of depth to the mix with their performance, grounding Jess’s vocals with some deeper vocals of their own on the choruses and filling things out with instrumentation throughout. The final result is a lush and energy filled performance of a country classic!

When it came time to shoot the video Jess and The Bandits chose to maintain a simpler and more stripped back aesthetic, doing away with a storyline in favor of featuring the band in the recording studio. The resulting visual is very organic and showcases the group’s drive as well as the unique magic that they bring to a performance. Each member of the group shines in front of the camera and is clearly giving the performance their all. As the lead vocalist, Jess especially serves an impassioned performance for the camera. As talented as she is vocally, she is equally capable of maintaining a connection with an audience as a performer.

All in all, “Love Sneaking Up On You” is another promising offering from one of the UK’s premier country acts. The group has masterfully repurposed Raitt’s classic hit, creating a piece that showcases their strengths both visually and musically. The track’s release is a wonderful way to kick off their Live at R.A.K. Studios release, and it is sure to become a favorite for fans across the globe! Check out the music video here or at Jess and The Bandit’s YouTube channel and let us know if you’re a fan of Jess and The Bandit’s reworking!

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