Jessica Simpson: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Jessica Simpson: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Jessica Simpson was America’s sweetheart for several years before she rose to fame as the dumbest reality TV star the world had seen (at the time, anyway). Though Simpson may have gotten flack for how she presents herself, the truth is that she is a brilliant businesswoman who has had a long and successful career in the industry. However, despite all the time she’s spent under the spotlight, there are still some things that many people don’t know about her. With that in mind, here we present our list of 15 things you probably didn’t know about Jessica Simpson. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: She Is a Great Dinner Companion. According to ex-costar Vivica A. Fox, Simpson always picks up the check at dinner. In fact, Fox said that she would have to put a credit card down before the meal begin in order to stop Simpson from picking up the check.

Number Fourteen: She Is a Shy Girl at Heart. Though Simpson has a bubbly and charming persona under the spotlight, in reality, she is a major introvert. According to Charlie Walk, vice president of Republic Records, “People don’t realize what an incredibly shy girl Jessica is. Her public persona completely conflicts with who she really is as a person.”

Number Thirteen: She Is an Old Soul. According to one of Simpson’s co-producers, she would go through old emails and text messages to draw inspiration for the new songs she was writing. When it comes to love, Simpson has a very old soul.

Number Twelve: She Is a Smart Businesswoman. Simpson is acutely aware of her position of power. One time, she was asked if she would like to talk to her dad regarding a business decision. She responded by reminding the person who asked her that her dad works for her, not the other way around.

Number Eleven: She Is Not Afraid to Show Emotion. For Simpson’s video for “I Belong to Me,” the tears seen in the video are no special makeup – they’re real.

Number Ten: She Is Not as Girly as You Think. Though her blonde locks and style may imply that Simpson is a girl’s girl, in reality, she is OK with hanging with the guys.

Number Nine: She Is Charitable. Simpson donated a minivan to an orphanage in Mexico, and a spokesperson for the charity said that her decision to donate made all the difference for them.

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