Jessie J ft. 2 Chainz: 'Burnin' Up' Music Video Review

Jessie J ft. 2 Chainz: ‘Burnin’ Up’ Music Video Review

Jessie J ft. 2 Chainz: ‘Burnin’ Up’ Music Video Review

The video begins with Jessie standing with her hands on her hips in an all black leather one-piece surrounded by three dancers on either side. Then it switches to her in a mesh studded ensemble in front of pool and then the beat drops. Once it does, Jessie and her dancers break into choreography and she had no problem keeping up. When it switches to her on a deck with two muscle men as her bodyguards, I instantly thought of Jennifer Lopez, ‘I Luh Ya Papi’. The video continues on with switching through the three primary scenes, whether it’s with the dancers, in front of the water, or on the deck.

The choreography in the beginning had me wondering about the level of choreography there would be throughout the video. In her second verse the choreography got more intense and again Jessie kept up. She might have looked stiff in a few places, but for her not to be a dancer, she was pretty good. Then there was a scene where she’s on a fancy lawn chair laid over water that look like ice crystals thanks to special effect editing. Well, it looked like something more out of Frozen.

2 Chainz makes his appearance wearing flip-up glasses. Throughout his scene there are clips back and forth of Jessie J either with another muscle man or on the deck dancing around. In the midst of his scene, all of the scenes snapped together very quickly. The video ended the same way it began with Jessie in a stance with her hands on her hips. Throughout the entire video I was looking for fire since the track is titled ‘Burnin’ Up’, but there was none.

Lyrically it is not your typical Jessie J song when compared to those from her first album, Who You Are. I think that as she gets older she wants to take chances with her music, which she is entitled to. This is a much sexier Jessie J than her first video ‘Price Tag’. The music is the best part of the entire video. I could definitely hear it in a Zumba class or even Just Dance. Overall the video shows that Jessie has more sex appeal as an artist, but conceptually it needed work.

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