Jessie J ft. Jhene Aiko & Rixton: 'Sorry To Interrupt' Single Review

Jessie J ft. Jhene Aiko & Rixton: ‘Sorry To Interrupt’ Single Review

Jessie J is back and she sounds great. She is not here alone this time, she has company. But first, have you ever been so hyped about something that the way you talk about it scares the people around you? Not in a bad way, in a way of “it’s about to go down.” This is exactly what this song presents with the most unpredictable collaboration.

Jessie J teams up with the amazing Jhene Aiko and British Boy band Rixton the to bring us the incredible song that is titled “Sorry To Interrupt.” This is the best most unexpected collaboration in music in recent times. Sometimes you see these collaborations coming, but this one came out of nowhere and it’s a surprise well delivered.

One of the other unexpected things about this song is that Jessie J and Rixton are singing to a Dj Mustard creation. I know! Another thing you didn’t see coming. It is easy for Jhene Aiko to be pictured on a Mustard beat after she slayed her verse on Omarion’s “Post to Be” but these others not at all. However you’ll be excited to know that they did a very outstanding job with this uniquely masterminded beat. This is also not your average Dj Mustard beat, this one is quite differently produced and you can instantly tell why Jessie J is so effortless on it. It suits her style and this goes to show of Dj Mustard’s diversity as he produces beats.

It has one of those intro instrumentals that build excitement with just how the song starts. Jessie J comes in and introduces the artists on the song and then that “Mustard on beat ho” sound comes through and inevitably the excitement climaxes.

Jessie J takes the first verse and her strong voice is remarkably used to give the song the right feel of the warning it’s themed to issue. Jessie J and her voice are two companions that were match made in heaven. This might sound a little weird but, when she sings you feel she has chemistry with her voice. She sounds like she’s using a tool that she is so proud of and that passion is emulated in the quality and kind of vocal strength she breathes on a song. This is all exhibited on “Sorry To interrupt” and you can’t help but feel her energy flow all through the song.

“We about to change the pace / we’re gonna need some space / get out the way, so sorry to interrupt / I got something to say attention please / mic check, I need you to turn me up / We about to change the pace / we’re gonna need some space / get out the way, so sorry to interrupt / I got something to say attention please / mic check, I need you to turn me up / louder, louder, I need you to turn me up / I need you to give it up / pardon the invasion, so sorry to interrupt,” Sings Jessie J on the highly energetic pop chorus.

Rixton’s Jake Roche spotlessly comes in for the second verse with an immaculate transition from the highly energetic chorus by Jessie J. It almost feels like he runs into the song which is ironic because his first lines are, “Am running in, am coming in not afraid.” Coincidence? I think not. His light but yet strong voice is well polished as he lays it on this incredible Dj. Mustard beat. Now this is someone that is completely out of his zone but he fits in here like he belongs here. Depending on what you like, this could easily be your favorite verse on this song.

Jhene Aiko brings her very calm vocals for the final verse and she its unmistakable. You know its Jhene when you hear the voice because she is one of those singers will a totally distinct voice. She slays her verse as well and walks away like it ain’t a thing. After all, she has made it culture to blow our minds.

Sorry to interrupt is a very powerful collaboration from artists with very unique capabilities. Bringing their different styles together and to completely impress without a single shred of doubt is something I respectfully applaud. Dj Mustard as usual produced an amazing beat, handed it to the right artists and the end result is also right.

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