Jhene Aiko: 'Living Room Flow' Single Review

Jhene Aiko: ‘Living Room Flow’ Single Review



Ladies and gentlemen, Jhene Aiko is back to show you what real R&B/soul music is “post to be.” Her single is titled “Living Room Flow,” and everything about it is in the title. This exceedingly gifted singer has given us nothing but the best of music since her 2011 Sailing Soul(s) mixtape. She had been around for a while, but this mixtape opened doors for Jhene Aiko and also introduced her unique music to the world. Her sound is one of a kind, she does not need to crowd her music with massive bass infested beats to create music that stands out. Her music is calm and soothing and “Living Room Flow” follows suit.

Jhene Aiko is defined by her sound which is exclusively hers and hers alone. There is always that element that will keep you guessing that it is a song by her whenever a new song plays on the radio. That element is the calmness in her beats, the softness of her voice and the well-calculated lyrics that are written with utmost thoughtfulness. A Jhene Aiko song commands you into a state of total relaxation and pure musical entertainment. That element is felt on “Living Room Flow,” and how it never gets old and boring is an art I am yet to discover.

The sound of “Living Room Flow” is a very familiar sound. And this is not in a copycat kind of way but in a “musician’s distinct sound” kind of way. The song starts and the duration the lyrics take to come in sounds intentionally delayed. Maybe it is? It sounds intentionally delayed so that you get uninterrupted enjoyment of the beautifully created instrumental. The instrumental runs solo for about thirty seconds and you don’t feel bored at any one point. An interruption of the instrumental would be rude and unwanted.

When Jhene Aiko interrupts the instrumental, it is pleasant and desirable. Her delicate voice comes in and nobody has ever sounded more beautiful. It is super mind-blowing how Jhene Aiko effortlessly sounds good. She doesn’t have to put much into it to sound good. This is attributed to the dissimilar style of delivery where she usually keeps her voice serene and steady.

“Living Room Flow” brings the imaginable bedroom fantasies to your living room. Jhene Aiko is not looking for love or his heart, she is looking for a good sensual experience. She is prepared to give it to him however he wants it, she wants to please him the most. No one has ever done it to her like he does it, which explains her addiction to it and wanting it all the time. If all the things Aiko talks about are happening in that living room, then no one will be needing the bedroom once they draw inspiration from this magnificent song.

However, she later takes the body party to the bedroom and she sings, “If these walls could talk / they’d say pick me up and put me on / this bed is way too soft, it’s time to get off.” From the wall, they take it to the living room floor. Jhene Aiko, on this song, uses the most vivid description to create absolute imagery. It is impossible to not get your mind thinking about things while listening to how her exceptional vocals deliver in this song.

I honestly think Jhene Aiko’s creativity is one that is creating a new line of musical sound. It is splendid how an artist can be totally comfortable with their unique style. She has maintained her style, and the audience has appreciated her music that way. In “Living Room Flow,” she demonstrates the growth and evolution of her sound. Her music was at a point starting to sound pretty much the same, but on this song, you feel the change. And we need to applaud her for altering her sound without losing her identity. “Living Room Flow” is for everybody that wishes to have a change of scenery both mentally and physically.

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