Jill Scott's 2015 Album Is Almost Complete

Jill Scott’s 2015 Album Is Almost Complete

Courtesy of ebony.com

Courtesy of ebony.com

Jill Scott‘s fifth studio album is almost ready to be released. The singer said her album is currently in the process of being mixed and mastered, and it should be ready by the spring or summer. When she spoke to Billboard magazine a while ago, Scott wasn’t sure her album was ready for a worldwide release. “The album is closer than it’s ever been. But I don’t think my gut is finished. I haven’t emptied everything out,” she said. Scott added,”This is my baby, you know, and it takes me some time to relinquish the reins. I might come up with another song or two. I don’t know.” 

The singer seems to have found the right formula and songs to satisfy a project that is worthy of releasing. Scott enlisted Nashville songwriter-producer Aaron Pearce and her longtime creative producer, Andre Harris (Dre & Vidal), for her new project. Scott and Harris have collaborated on the singer’s biggest records including, but not limited to, “A Long Walk,” “Do You Remember,” “The Way,” and “Gettin’ In The Way.” Scott said she wanted to implement storytelling on her new album, the kind of storytelling that country music is best-known for. “I wanted some of the storytelling of country music that I enjoy so much, the simple stories. The album is pretty eclectic, but again it’s me storytelling from the point of view of a grown-up woman,” the singer told Billboard magazine. 

Jill Scott just performed at the Grammy’s tribute concert for Stevie Wonder. The singer performed alongside India.Arie and Janelle Monae, and the soul singers covered a rendition of Wonder’s “As.” Scott was also honored at Essence magazine’s Black Women in Music Event. The singer said she was honored to be recognized by the magazine, a publication she has admired for so long. “It feels great. I’ve been looking at Essence my whole life. They were one of the first magazines that put me on their cover and really showed me love and support from the beginning,” Scott said. The Essence magazine event also featured performances from Chaka Khan, Brandy, Lianne La Havas, and MC Lyte. Jill Scott even took the stage and performed her hit songs “The Way” and “Golden.”

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