Jim Carrey: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

Jim Carrey: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



The Jim Carrey list continues here. We covered his early years in his beginnings in comedy in part one, but the bulk of his career in comedy and acting will be covered here in part two. Read on below for more Jim Carrey facts!

Number Eight: His First Sitcom Gig Was Way Back in 1984. It was a leading role for NBC on a show called The Duck Factory, which was unfortunately cancelled in its first season.

Number Seven: He Was the First Choice for Captain Jack Sparrow. The character is inseparable from the performances of Johnny Depp now, but back before it was cast, director Gore Verbinski was hoping to land Jim Carrey (but he had to turn it down).

Number Six: He Has Performed Onstage with Phish and Elton John. He has played “Hey You” and “Come Together” with Phish, and played “Rocket Man” with Elton John. Not a bad rock and roll resume.

Number Five: His Daughter Jane – Who is Almost 30 Now – Was an American Idol Contestant in 2012. She performed a Creedence Clearwater Revival Song, but it didn’t get her very far on the show.

Number Four: He Was Tupac’s Favorite Actor. This one is certainly unexpected. Apparently Jim Carrey even wrote the rapper when he was in prison to try and keep his head up.

Number Three: He Wore Tap Shoes to Sleep as a Child. His mom was sick a lot and heavily medicated when Carrey was a child. He would often perform for her in the middle of the night to make her smile, and so the tap shoes often stayed on, even during sleep.

Number Two: He Likes to Party Naked. Or at least very close to it. He once showed up to The Comedy Store with nothing but a tube sock covering his naughty bits.

Number One: He Lived in a Van for a Stretch When He Was Growing Up. After his father left his job at a factory – where Jim would also work after school – the family had very little money. Soon after this, the whole family of six lived in a Volkswagen van together, parked on the lawn of a relative. Hope you enjoyed your little-known Jim Carrey facts!

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