Jim Carrey: Top 8 Iconic Movie Moments

Jim Carrey: Top 8 Iconic Movie Moments

Jim Carrey: Top 8 Iconic Movie Moments


With a face for all occasions, Jim Carrey is a fully fledged comic icon. Born in Canada before finding fame on the American sketch show In Living Color, Carrey has gone on to become a well known star throughout the whole world. And it’s not just for his comedic skills either. Many times Carrey has shined in more serious roles that have even seen him win a Golden Globe. So, to relive those classic cinema seconds, here are 8 of Jim Carrey’s most iconic movie moments.

Number Eight: Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)

Bursting onto our screens in 1994 with The Mask and Dumb and Dumber (more on those two later) Carrey became an instant hit. But it was Ace Ventura that really gave people an idea of what they were in for. Playing the role as Ace, a animal lover-part time private investigator, Carrey stunned audiences everywhere with his expressive facial expressions and physical brand of comedy, that people didn’t really know what to think.

Number Seven: Dr. Edward Nygma/The Riddler (Batman Forever)

With the Batman franchise producing a number of stand out moments especially as of late, it can become extremely easy to forget Carrey among a batch of exceptional performances. However, not only did Carrey put on a show but he completely and utterly embodied the character, bringing something to The Riddler that could only really have been mastered by Jim himself. It was here where we were also given a snippet at what was to come, with Dr. Edward showcasing a more serious side to his psychotic alter ego.

Number Six: Fletcher Reede (Liar Liar)

By now a bona-fide star, Carrey only got more successful. As the compulsive Liar, Fletcher in the box office smash Liar Liar, Jim takes on the role of a neglectful Father trying to make a mends. With a character that allows him to do what he does best, Carrey jumps, throws and even physically beats himself up at one point.

Number Five: Joel Barish (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind)

A film that holds a special place in the hearts of many, the producers got it spot on with the casting of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in this comedy tearjerker that feels extremely close to home. Again, revealing a more serious side, Carrey shines as man with a broken heart, who just wants to forget. Probably his most recent and acclaimed piece of acting the world was shocked when he was shamefully snubbed by the Academy Awards.

Number Four: The Cable Guy (The Cable Guy)

Cult classic The Cable Guy certainly gets better with age. Directed By Ben Stiller, with Jack Black and Owen Wilson (then unknowns) also playing a part, it was creepy Carrey that stole the show, displaying a dark side that was even too weird for him. Making viewers both love and loathe his character, Carrey flaunted his talents, shrugging off his psychical style for a more sinister feel.

Number 3: Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask)

A movie that really takes advantage of his ability to bring slapstick back to life, The Mask is one of Carrey’s most famous roles to date. With a knack for starring alongside beautiful ladies, The Mask is also famous for introducing the world to Cameron Diaz, who makes him look even more of a cartoon than usual. With a rubber face to wear upon a.. er rubber face? Carrey has never been so obnoxious, ‘somebody stop me!’

Number Two: Lloyd Christmas (Dumb and Dumber)

Fan favorite and extremely quotable, Dumb and Dumber is a comedy classic. Hilarious from get go not only does Carrey provide audiences with his usual style of clowning around but also pairs him off with Jeff Daniels, who in turn helps form one of the best comedy partnerships seen in film since Laurel and Hardy.

Number One: Truman Burbank (The Truman Show)

Spookily released on the brink of the boom of reality television, cleverly written The Truman Show came out of nowhere. With the casting of Carrey a huge surprise, the public had no idea what to expect of a ‘serious Jim’. Yet thankfully not only did he excel in his performance but also proved that there was much more to him than the insanity that he so often displayed before. Touching, poignant and heart warming The Truman Show is an instant classic that is mostly down to Carrey acting his pants off.

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