Jimmy Fallon Gets Tight Pants Scared Off By J-Lo

Jimmy Fallon Gets Tight Pants Scared Off By J-Lo

Fallon LopezPhoto Courtesy of The Huffington Post

Another day, another crazy musical moment on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

This time around Fallon entertained his guests with a musical number celebrating how special he was for being the only one in town who wore tight paints. Fallon’s happiness was cut short when guest star Jennifer Lopez appeared on Stage with just as tight (if not tighter) white pants. After a few earnest attempts by Fallon to defend his turf, Lopez violently snapped at the host, snarling “Listen up, you little b—ch! You better hide your wife, you better hide your kids, because I will cut you. I will cut your father, I will cut your mother. I will scratch you. Don’t make me take off my heels.” At this point, Fallon cowardly and wisely left the stage for Lopez to dance alone in her tight pants.

The video was a sequel to a previous tight white pants battle with Will Ferrell which took place back when he was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. That exchange ended in equally hostile terms with Ferrell threatening that he would “end” Fallon. It seems that this will be a reoccurring skit for Fallon in the years to come. One can only hope that by the end of his run Fallon will have a special place where he can be the only one wearing tight pants.

In less than a year Jimmy Fallon has already hosted some wildly popular events on the show. First there was his expertly choreographed history of hip hop dance with Will Smith, then an epic drum battle for the ages between Ferrell and Chad Smith, and most recently a celebration of the public’s cluelessness over Ryan Lewis. These popular sketches have resulted in a huge surge in the ratings for The Tonight Show.

Jennifer Lopez’s performance comes two days after her announcement that she would not be performing the opening song “We Are One (Ola Ola)” at this year’s FIFA World Cup despite already releasing the official music video with Pitbull and Brazilian music star Claudia Leitte. “Unspecified Production issues” were said to be the reason for Lopez’s departure according to a statement released by her PR. Nevertheless, Pitbull and Leitte are still set to perform. Judging by her energetic performance last night, Lopez doesn’t seem to be letting the ordeal keep her down.

Check out the video right here and learn why you shouldn’t wear tight pants around J-LO.

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