Jodeci: 'The Past, The Present, The Future' Album Review

Jodeci: ‘The Past, The Present, The Future’ Album Review

What music is these days is not what music was about 20 years ago. The music these days poses questions like “what sort of music do you listen to these days?” The music now is too flashy and less purposeful. What we needed was a reminder of what real music is supposed to sound like; a reminder of what it means to write a song; a reminder of how purposeful music sounds like. And I am beaming with pride and excitement to tell you that the bad boys of R&B are back to save the face of real music. With no S on their chests, Jodeci is back.

The R&B quartet returns almost 20 years later and are still able to deliver what the world adored them for. The names Jojo, K-Ci, Devante and Dalvin are names that many people still clearly remember from the early and mid-’90s, where they were at the peak of their supremacy. They are the gentlemen responsible for dominating playlists on a lot of dates and special occasions so they definitely are unforgettable.

After time off and perusing individual projects, Jodeci is back to give us a taste of the past, the present and the future; three different moments in time which are well represented on the album. First things first, the gentlemen sound like 20 years have had no effect on their voices and their capacity to impress exceedingly. They sound like Jodeci of The Show, The After Party, The Hotel album, time-traveled, walked into a studio, and came out with The Past, The Present, The Future. They sound great, and I honestly did not expect this, although it does not surprise me. They have always had transcending potential and such potential does not just go away.

The album comprises of 12 songs – 12 beautiful songs that stay true to the title, and as one listens to them you’ll be categorizing them. You’ll have those tracks that belong to the past, to the present and to the future. This carries great significance; the album is for all audiences, the fans from the early and mid-’90s and the new ones they hope to appeal to with their new album. The new fans will be happy to know that The Past, The Present, The Future features B.O.B and Mila J, artists that are an outstanding representation of the present and the future.

“Incredible,” the seventh song on this album, is a stroll down memory lane on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. It is simply amazing. The beat is slow enough to gently sink in and the voices are casually smooth, but you cannot miss the gracility in them. Then there is “Jennifer,” the most glorious song on the entire album. I cannot remember the last time I listened to a song that was so magnificently sung, it sounded heavenly in all its aspects. The composure on this song paints a clear picture of artists and music that belong together. It was pleasantly performed, and this was musical justice in its highest uncorrupted form.

The Future on this album is in “Body Parts” which features Mila J. She was a great choice for the vocalist to feature on a song off an album of exceptionally gifted singers. Anyone without her strong vocal power would have ruined the pleasant sound of this album. She is a great artist, and together with Jodeci she represented the future satisfactorily. The entire album comes with unbelievably great songs – your next button will be completely idle as you listen to this album. “Every Moment,” and “Sho Out” are also tracks that will prompt you to implore the mighty power of your repeat button.

This album was poetically and artistically written. The lyrics for each concept of the songs on the album are vivid to the dot. Listening to a song draws you into the song. The lyrics are so appealing, they spell you to listen and allow the message to penetrate your soul and hit its mark. What is overwhelming is how this is the case for almost every song on the album. This goes to show that Jodeci not only has great singers, but it also has some of the most creative minds when it comes to using words to express a feeling.

The Past, The Present, The Future is unquestionably the musical surprise of 2015. Having the greatest R&B group of all time return to give you more of what made them the best invokes a gratifying music experience. It is an album that continues to show the immense talent these gentlemen were blessed with. This is music in its fully glory. 20 years later and the sound is still this fresh? A standing ovation falls slightly short of what Jodeci deserves for this masterpiece. The Past, The Present, The Future will go down in history as “the 20 years later comeback that still prevailed,” and Jodeci, the 20 years later artists that sounded like they were just warming up to get started.

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