Joseph Rittling - Seven (On The Boat) (Official Music Video)

Joseph Rittling – Seven (On the Boat)

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Joseph Rittling’s music video for “Seven (On the Boat)” tells the tale of an elderly gentleman from China, a grandfather most likely, who is interviewed by his adult grandson. The song itself is a soft, sweet piano ballad, and the grandfather tells his story through subtitles. We follow him as he goes grocery shopping, as he eats dinner with his family, and all the while, we learn how he had to leave Hong Kong at the age of twenty-two to move to Scotland in order to find work so he could provide for his family. He speaks of being homesick, not for his native city or homeland, but for his family and friends, and especially for his love. They write letters back and forth, until she moves to Scotland to marry him. It is this action that enables him to be successful in his mission. He ends by saying, “A flower cannot blossom without sunlight, and a man cannot live without love.”

Produced and Directed by We Do This (Glasgow)


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