Joey Contreras: Ohio (Official Music Video)

Joey Contreras – Ohio

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Joey Contreras‘ new music video for “Ohio” is nothing short of adorable. This musical theatre songwriter from Northern California is a self-proclaimed “pop geek”, and this tune is definitely, almost sickeningly, “pop”. But Contreras’ talent shines through just as brightly as his smile, and it is no surprise that his music has captured the attention of New York theatre critics and fans of all ages. His music is sweet, effusive and catchy. Within months of moving to New York in 2010, Joey received a scholarship recognizing his young career while attending the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. The release of his first album Love Me, Love Me Not: The Music of Joey Contreras featured an all-star lineup of Broadway talent and has gone on to enjoy international success throughout the English-speaking world. His partnerships with dancers and choreographers has certainly worked in his favor, as evidenced in this video, which features some very good dancing. Contreras’ second album, Young Kind of Love debuted immediately on iTunes to good reviews. The moral of the story is, if you have a stomach for pop music, then you’re going to love Mr. Joey Contreras.

Direction, Videography & Editing: Micah Joel for Xerk Media
Choreography: Ashley Peter & Brandon Cournay
Ohio Boy: Brandon Cournay
Dancers: Cesar Brodermann, Benjamin Freedman, Kile Hotchkiss & Iain Young
Musicians: Chris Allen (violin), Liam Forde (flute) & Jacob Yates (cello)
Filmed in: NYC at Gibney Dance Studio & Dixon Place

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