Joni Mitchell Reportedly Unable to Speak

Joni Mitchell Reportedly Unable to Speak

Joni Mitchell was found unconscious in her home back in late March, and she was transferred to a local hospital in Los Angeles (CA). After some time had passed, rumors starting circulating that Mitchell had slipped into a coma. Those rumors were shut down by those who run Mitchell’s website, and they stated the singer was alert and had her full senses. They also explained Mitchell would have 24-hour care whenever she left the hospital, and she was “expected to make a full recovery.” Just recently, Mitchell’s good friend David Crosby said that the singer had suffered a brain aneurysm and “faced a long struggle.”

Crosby told the Huffington Post that Mitchell was at home, and she is recovering. “How much she is going to come back, and when, I don’t know. She took a terrible hit. She had an aneurysm and nobody found her for a while,” he explained. Crosby continued,”She’s going to have to struggle back from it the way you struggle back from a traumatic brain injury. To my knowledge, she’s not speaking yet.” Crosby and Mitchell dated back in the late 1960s, and they have been friends ever since. “She is a tough girl and very smart. I love her. She’s probably the best of us…probably the greatest living singer-songwriter. I think we’re all holding our breath and thinking of goodbye, you know? And hoping it is gonna turn out okay,” Crosby stated.

Joni Mitchell has released nineteen studio albums during her iconic music career. Some of her projects include Songs to a Seagull, For the Roses, The Hissing of Summer Lawns, Mingus, Wild Things Run Fast, Travelogue, and her latest effort Shine in 2007. Shine peaked at Number 10 on the Norwegian Albums chart, and Number 14 on the Billboard 200. It also charted in the UK, France, Australia, and Canada. To date, Shine has sold over 100,000 copies in the US.

Mitchell has won eight Grammy Awards, some of which include Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist (1974) for “Down To You,” Best Pop Album (1995) for Turbulent Indigo, Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album (2000) for Both Sides, Now, Lifetime Achievement Award (2002), and Album of the Year (2007) for River: The Joni Letters. In 2007, Prince, Bjork, James Taylor, and other musicians recorded an album entitled A Tribute to Joni Mitchell. The project featured some of the singer’s most-recognized songs including “River” and “Blue.”

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