Joyce Manor: 'Schley' Single Review

Joyce Manor: ‘Schley’ Single Review

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Schley” is the second single off the Joyce Manor’s new release, Never Hungover Again, following the introductory single of “Catalina Fight Song.” The song has racked up just over 80,000 views on YouTube, proving that Joyce Manor’s popularity has only risen from their last release of S/T early last year. I discovered this band on YouTube accidentally, by clicking on the wrong video on the sidebar while listening to a Modern Baseball song. What a fantastic accident. The song I came across was entitled “Constant Headache,” which is one of Joyce Manor’s most popular songs. 

However, after hearing “Schley,” I don’t understand how it isn’t their most popular. With lyrics such as “Your name / the way it looks / carved into the cover of the telephone book” sticking in your mind almost instantaneously. These subtly marvellous lyrics are contrasted with the slightly immature “it sounds better when you’re high on marijuana,”  which is welcoming, in a way. It shows the nature of the band members; adding a slight air of individuality and personal experience. It gets off to a smashing start and it honestly only goes up from there. It has a slight angsty teen vibe to it that would easily fit into any “sk8 til I die” playlist, which is an achievement in itself. The bassline flows so effortlessly, and coupled with the steady drumbeat, it makes for a really pleasing song to listen to. Johnson’s vocals are oddly soothing, guiding you through the song lovingly. The guitar riff near the end is simply unavoidable, demanding your full attention, which I gladly handed over.

It’s such a wonderful song in it’s own odd way; it stands out inconceivably to me from the other songs on the album, even though it’s a simple two minute song with hardly any words; which is a show of talent from the band in my view. They go in and out of the hook so quickly and seamlessly, you’re just left wanting more and more of it, leading you to shamelessly press the repeat button, despite the slightly disengaging lyrics (which you end up happily singing along to anyway).

This song especially gives off some serious Smiths vibes, which is another favourable aspect of Joyce Manor’s sound on this album. The desperate repetition of the name “Schley” at the end brings the song to a perfect close. Although you should listen to the whole album, I would definitely give this particular song a listen – you won’t regret it, I promise.

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