Judge Rules in Favor of Lady Gaga's Talent Scout

Judge Rules in Favor of Lady Gaga’s Talent Scout

Courtesy of revolvermag.com

Courtesy of revolvermag.com

The songwriter who discovered Lady Gaga was awarded $7.3 million, after she filed a lawsuit against Gaga’s former music producer. Rob Fusari promised to split Gaga’s profits with Wendy Starland, but he never paid her. Fusari was hoping he could get the judgement reduced, but his request was denied by the judge. Starland testified that Fusari asked her to find an edgy, bold, and confident artist and “someone that you can’t take your eyes off of.” In 2006, the talent scout brought Gaga to the music producer. Lady Gaga also testified at the trial. The pop singer said she was aware of Fusari and Starland’s agreement. “My understanding was that Wendy and him had initially agreed upon 50/50 perhaps before Wendy ever found me, and after I was signed to Rob and made music, Rob began to change his mind,” the pop singer testified. 

Rob Fusari won a Grammy Award for Gaga’s first album entitled, The Fame. The album went on to sell more than fifteen million copies worldwide. It was also nominated for five Grammy Awards including Album of the Year. The Fame project won two Grammy Awards for Best Electronic/Dance Album, and Best Dance Recording for the platinum-selling song “Poker Face.” Fusari not only worked with Lady Gaga, he also worked with Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, and Will Smith. The producer sued Gaga for $35 million, but the lawsuit was later dropped. His first Number 1 song was Destiny’s Child’s “No, No, No” hit single. Fusari also produced the R&B’s group’s Number 1 smash, “Bootylicious.” 

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are currently prepping for their duet at this year’s Grammy Awards show. Bennett spoke to the media about his Cheek to Cheek album with Lady Gaga. “I’m a big believer in the Great American Songbook. A lot of record companies call it old music and I think that’s absolutely ignorant. It’s really the greatest music that ever came out of America,” a very confident Bennett said. He reiterated that most of the songs from the album were written for Fred Astaire. “George Gershwin, Irving Berlin– the greatest composers adored Astaire so much. In fact, Berlin wrote Cheek to Cheek for the 1935 Astaire-Ginger Rogers film musical Top Hat,” Bennett explained. After the Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett will resume their Cheek to Cheek Tour

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