Julien-K - We're Here With You (Official Music Video)

Julien-K – We’re Here With You

Julien-K‘s “We’re Here With You” is a highly contagious dance tune with a simple, yet perfectly matched music video.  The guitar and synths flow seamlessly that if you are not dancing to the beat, you are most certainly tapping your feet. Nod your head continuously as you pair the lyrics with the effortless video clips of each band member rocking out with their instruments and putting on a show. The upbeat bass lines and synths are sure to leave you wanting more  in this indietronic and extremely colorful music video.

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/were-here-you-deluxe-edition/id561899634
Website: julien-k.com
Facebook: facebook.com/julienk
Twitter: twitter.com/JulienK
Instagram: instagram.com/julienkofficial
Directed by Vicente Cordero, Fernando Cordero, Amir Derakh & Ryan Shuck

The song is a collaboration with our long time co-conspirator Bryan Black of Motor fame. Motor fucking rules. 
We are huge fans of Bryan’s work, and we believe he is easily one of the coolest and most exciting electronic artists alive today (apparently Martin Gore agrees with us – check out their latest collab, it’s amazing). Many of our core JK fans will remember our remix of Motor’s Flashback, and Bryan’s insane remix of Someday Soon. I have a feeling that we will continue working together for a long time – i wouldn’t be surprised if we toured together …. soon (that is a hint Bryan… let’s do it!). Check out Bryan and Motor: wearemotor.com & blackasteroid.com
You may notice something different happening in the JK rhythm section. That would be our new friend Eli James. After playing with Eli in the auditioning process after Elias made his decision to commit full time to his family, we decided it would be amazing to have Eli be a part of this video. His energy was contagious and we felt we needed to do a video with him AND a video with Frank to help us really get a feel for the two drummers. It actually turned out to be a really cool experience, and i am sure we will be working with Eli again in the future. In the end we simply felt that Frank was the right fit for Julien-K – but both these guys are amazing drummers.

Check Eli out: elijamesofficial.tumblr.com
This video was produced and directed by our friends @ Industrial Films:
Director: Vicente Cordero
Co-Director: Fernando Cordero
Dp: Justin Thatcher
Editor: Vicente Cordero
Production Company: Industrialism Films: industrialismfilms.com

I think they did an amazing job, and we are so happy that we were able to work with them. These guys are AMAZING and we’re sure you will see more of them in the future.

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