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July’s Most Anticipated New Albums

July’s Most Anticipated New Albums

Cowboy Junkies – All That Reckoning

Canada’s Cowboy Junkies have been churning out albums for thirty years with the same lineup. Their newest album comes six years after the last one, the longest the group has gone between new records. All That Reckoning finds the band in good form, with hushed, laconic songs that will be a balm to anyone who loves Margo Timmins unique voice. The album is perhaps more overtly political than prior releases, but only in the sense that it channels the notion of darkness and slow-moving doom that seems to have overtaken the world. All That Reckoning arrives on July 13, in the same year that their iconic album The Trinity Session turns 30.

The National — Boxer Live In Brussels

The National is one of the most significant indie bands of the era. The band’s album Boxer is considered a classic. This release is a live performance of the 2007 album, which was recorded last year in Brussels. The band played the album in full, in order, and without pauses or banter, creating a unique night for everyone who bought a ticket to the show. Whether the experience translates to a good record is up for debate, and probably depends on the listener. It arrives on Record Store Day.

Guy Pearce – The Nomad

Actor Guy Pearce’s second album, The Nomad, drops on July 6. Pearce’s songs draw on some of the most significant events of his life, from losing his father in a plane crash, helping to raise his sister, enduring divorce and depression, to finally becoming a father late in life. It is Pearce’s adoration for his son Monte that fuel his creative fire. He recruited wife Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones’ Melisandre) to sing backup on two tracks. The album was co-produced by singer songwriter Joe Henry.

Wiz Khalifa — Rolling Papers 2 

Wiz Khalifa is at again with a new weed album with lots of guest stars. The album is a sequel to 2011’s Rolling Papers. The Taylor Gang artist collaborates with Kanye West, Kanye and Kid Cudi, and Drake, among many others. Khalifa openly celebrates his weed habit, claiming to spend up to $10,000 a month. He developed a popular strain, the “Khalifa Kush” (KK), and is now sponsored by The Cookie Company, a medical marijuana dispenser. The marijuana celebration continues on July 13 with the new album.

Pram — Across The Meridian 

Pram’s first album in 11 years arrives on July 20. The British psych-pop band is without their frontwoman, Rosie Cuckston, who departed for the world of academia. The band describes the new record as weaving “a gleeful path through the musical territory of film scores, 30s jazz, sun-drenched pop, electronica, and post-punk experimentation.” Those who love avant garde music will surely love the sonic confusion, while everyone else will want to turn it off immediately.

Punch Brothers — All Ashore 

One July 20, Punch Brothers release All Ashore, their first self-produced album. Released on Nonesuch, the album includes new singles “Three Dots and a Dash” and “It’s All Part of the Plan.” The band wanted to push the envelope while grounding the new music in the present day, by meditating on modern relationships and the political climate.

Merzbow + HEXA — Achromatic 

Merzbow and HEXA collaborated on a new album, entitled Achromatic, which will arrive July 27 via Dais Records. The two collaborated back in 2015 on an EP and this one promises to be extra noisy.

Talons — We All Know 

Instrumentalists love Talons and the guys are back with another richly complex exploration of music on July 27. The album We All Know is their third LP and it stutters through multiple tone and musical sifts, exploring a certain bleakness along the way. Released by Holy Roar.

Ross From Friends — Family Portrait 

Yes, there is a group called Ross From Friends, which is enough to make anyone curious. EDM lovers already know Felix Clary Weatherall, who is the mastermind behind the sound. The debut alum marks the first time he has recorded his own voice as part of his experimentation. The 12-track Family Portrait is the culmination of a painstaking, two-year recording process that found Weatherall sweating over every single note. It arrives on July 27.

Underworld and Iggy Pop — Teatime Dub Encounters

Underworld delighted when they released the single “Bells & Circles” featuring Iggy Pop. Now we’ve learned that the song was part of a four-track EP, Teatime Dub Encounters. The album finds Iggy in a reflected, spoken-word mode. It drops July 27 via Caroline Encounters.

Bass Drum Of Death — Just Business 

Bass Drum of Death is back with their first album in four years. The indie brainchild of John Barrett has moved from Oxford, Mississippi to New York City, and Barrett says the shift has enabled his music to grow out of the garage and into something more musically complex. Just Business  will be released on July 27 by RED MUSIC.

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