Justin Bieber Facing Another Lawsuit

Justin Bieber Facing Another Lawsuit

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 The hits keep coming for Justin Bieber. This time they are from photographer Manuel Munoz who is suing the Pop star for allegedly being kicked and punched by Bieber’s bodyguard Dwayne Patterson.

According to Munoz’s 911 call, the photographer was taking photos of Bieber outside of the SET nightclub before a bodyguard came running over to him, forcing him to flee. This led to an attraction inside a nearby Subway restaurant where the majority of the alleged attacks is said to have occurred.

Munoz claims that on January 23rd, the night of Bieber’s drunk drag racing escapade, Patterson saw Munoz taking photos of Bieber and proceeded to chase the photographer into a bathroom before physically and really threatening Munoz for the camera. By the end of the confrontation, Patterson had taken the memory card and the photos stored inside it. The main 911 calls from features loud, inaudible yelling from many individuals before Munoz calls later pleading for help from being locked inside a bathroom by Justin Bieber’s bodyguard. The 911 phone call by Munoz can be found here

The suit does face some scrutiny as nowhere in the original police report does Munoz mention being physically assaulted and that his knee injuries resulted from being tripped by the bouncer, not kicked. Because of this, Bieber’s very busy attorney Howard Weitzman believes it to be just another hustle for attention and money

“The paparazzo admits that Justin was not present at the alleged ‘assault,'” Weitzman told TMZ. “The paparazzo told the police he had only scratched his knee when he was allegedly tripped, but now claims he was beat up. There are no damages.”

Despite this ordeal, Beiber remains focused on his part in Michael Jackson’s posthumous album that will feature a collaboration between the two.

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