KaapiN - Taxi Taxi

KaapiN – Taxi Taxi

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Go on a psychedelic journey with Filipino experimental band KaapiN’s music video for Part 1 of “Taxi Taxi.” Animated mouths and limbs abound, paired with striped orbs that throb and bounce. An inverted yellow pyramid drills its way into the ground, spinning and spinning. One green striped orb with a pair of Groucho glasses gallops on human legs towards an army of pink striped cylinders with gaping fanged mouths atop human legs as well. Groucho globe never seems to move even though it is constantly running. Green arms reach hauntingly up from a river of yellow that flows alongside migrating camel-ants that have red striped orbs for heads and long spindly legs with no feet. A nursery of ear-trees grow in rows out of the yellow ground. One giant, ever-changing eye watches all while one giant, psychedelic mouth emits the experimental music of KaapiN. Everything moves but nothing goes anywhere on this journey.

Music by KaapiN
Vocal Orchestra, Melodica – Michael Nuesca
Programming, Synths, Beats, Noise – Rotsanjani Mojica
Animation by Megan Palero

Facebook: facebook.com/kaapin.ph
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/kaapin
Bandcamp: kaapin.bandcamp.com

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