Kadebostany - Jolan (Official Music Video)

Kadebostany – Jolan

Kadebostany – Jolan

The minor treble in the vocals of “Jolan” by Kadebostany are beautiful to the point of almost being haunting, similar to the sharp pitch you find in Shakira or Adele‘s vocals. The video centers around the band in a hazy field, full of fog and bright lights that flash almost like strobes on occasion. Cameras move around the members as they perform in an almost dizzying spiral, before transitioning to the main vocalist in a car with another band member.  They fly around in a vintage convertible with the roof down, throwing up dust and having a grand time on a deserted highway. It becomes darker as night falls, and the fog clears, the lights dim down – and the singer stares the audience down before there are two swimmers in a pool with the bottom lit with the same bright strobe lights. Their synchronized routine becomes surreal and hypnotic to the flashing lights, and the sharp cuts the video starts to make almost makes the video become violent as it goes on.

Directed by supermafia vj’s / David Houncheringer & Mirko Eremita: supermafia.com

The album “Pop Collection” on iTunes: bit.ly/1hpUegR
iTunes: bit.ly/KdbstnPCiT
Website: kadebostany.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Kadebostany
Twitter: twitter.com/kadebostany
Bandcamp: kadebostany.bandcamp.com/
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