Kadebostany - Walking with a Ghost (Official Music Video)

Kadebostany – Walking with a Ghost

Kadebostany – Walking with a Ghost

“Walking with a Ghost” by Kadebostany almost seems to start off with a middle eastern interlude on a piano before the video really starts. The vocals are haunting, and reminiscent of Maggie Eckford in their striking minor tone. The accompaniment on the piano is almost completely drowned out by them, only lending the barest hint of a lilt to the song. After the first verse there is the equivalent of a beat drop, and the singer starts a gruff rap as ballet dancers dressed in uniform begin to perform. There is a strange almost discord between the actions of the performers and what they are wearing as they go through the video, illuminated by harsh, bright lights that almost make the graceful movements of the dancers feel sharp and abrasive. As the brass continues on, it becomes more and more strange that whenever the singer is on stage she stands directly in the center, staring at the camera, and never moves. It is a beautiful song with what starts off as a beautiful video, but by the end becomes almost violent in an awkward way that leaves a bit of an uncomfortable feeling from the perspective of the viewer that seems like it was intentional.

Directed by Steven Blatter (prog-pics.com) & Supermafia vj’s (supermafia.com )
Visual Art Director / Lighting / Grading: David Houncheringer & Mirko Eremita aka Supermafia
Filming / Editing: Steven blatter aka Progressive Pictures
Choreographer & Stylist: Sofia Krantz
Make-up: Roxane Cortellini
Executive Producer: Laurent Berney
Original story: Kadebostan & Laolu
Music video of The National Fanfare of Kadebostany performing Walking With a Ghost.

iTunes: bit.ly/Hpmuoe
iTunes Greece, Cyprus, Turkey: goo.gl/WPU1Z
Bandcamp: bit.ly/H4oEHB
Website: kadebostany.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Kadebostany
Twitter: twitter.com/kadebostany

© 2012 Mentalgroove Records

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