Kai Altair - The Calling (Official Music Video)

Kai Altair – The Calling

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The Calling” is an atmospheric, electronic, and rock track by musician and dancer, Kai Altair. The Brooklyn native is gratefully gifted with beautiful and rich vocals that are friendly to the ears, heart, and mind. We are taken deep into the unknown woods. As the video begins with eerie echoes and ancient-like music, we encounter Kai Altair walking gracefully, becoming familiar with mother nature as she elegantly touches the trees and breathes in the sun. She wears a delicate white dress and soft feathers in her hair. Her stunning outfit changes throughout the video, expressing her ethereal personality and music. Her echo-y vocals blend with electronic sounds and rock undertones. The scenes in the video transition smoothly, corresponding to the “ancient-future” music. You will certainly find your peace when watching this well-produced video. “The Calling” is one of many tracks from the forthcoming album, Dreamwalker, which will be out this Spring. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Produced and Directed by Zina Brown for Thousand Names Productions
Director of Photography – Micheal Tosner
Editor – Stefan Pildes
Color Grading – Axel Ericson at Digital Arts, NYC
Visual Effects – John Mattiuzzi
MUA – Kayla Jo
Hair – Dana Divine

Website: kaialtair.com
acebook: facebook.com/pages/Kai-Altair
Twitter: twitter.com/kaialtair
Tumblr: kaialtair.tumblr.com
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/kai-altair
YouTube:  youtube.com/user/kaialtair

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