Kaley Cuoco: 15 Little-Known Facts (Part 1)

Kaley Cuoco: 15 Little-Known Facts (Part 1)

Kaley Cuoco: 15 Little-Known Facts (Part 1)


Kaley Cuoco is the actress most famous for her work on the hit television series, The Big Bang Theory, where she plays Penny, a waitress who lives across the hall from some nerds. Here is part one of our article about the star.

Number Fifteen: She Has Fake Breasts

She got this surgery done when she was only 18 years old and describes it as the best decision she ever made since she always felt badly proportioned previous to that. It isn’t about sex appeal or anything like that, she claims, but more about feeling confident in herself.

Number Fourteen: Kaley Cuoco and Her Secret Relationship

She’s friends with the entire cast of The Big Bang Theory, but she’s close to the actor who plays Leonard in particular. The two dated for almost two years but made sure to never talk about it or appear in public together.

Number Thirteen: A Former Tennis Enthusiast

Kaley began playing tennis when she was only 3 years old, and continued for years, winning multiple championships. She gave the sport up at age 16.

Number Twelve: She Was Rejected for the Role of Penny – Twice

The show’s producers didn’t think she was the best fit for the role of Penny and gave it to someone else. However, when the pilot episode aired, CBS didn’t like it much, and Chuck Lorre decided to invite her back for another shot.

Number Eleven: Early Roles with Ellen Degeneres

When she was a lot younger, she appeared in Ellen’s sitcom, titled Ellen. This was only for one episode, although the star is a frequent guest on Ellen’s show nowadays.

Number Ten: She’s Bold With Men

Kaley isn’t slow whatsoever when it comes to trying to find a date. She says that men tend to be intimidated by her, so she walks right up to them and asks them out, confident that they won’t say no.

Number Nine: Her Culinary Connection

In case you’ve ever wondered what Cuoco’s last name means, it translates to “cook” in Italian! We hope you enjoyed part one of our list of facts about Kaley Cuoco. Return for part two of the article, coming soon.

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