Kaley Cuoco: 15 Little-Known Facts (Part 2)

Kaley Cuoco: 15 Little-Known Facts (Part 2)

Kaley Cuoco: 15 Little-Known Facts (Part 2)


Kaley Cuoco is a California-based actress who started in childhood and went on to gain much fame as a result of her work in the CBS series The Big Bang Theory. We already brought you part one of this list of facts about her, now here’s part two.

Number Eight: Superman and the Paparazzi

A couple of years ago, Kaley was dating Henry Cavill, the actor from Man of Steel, but only for a week and a half. She said that up until that point, she was never bothered by paparazzi.

Number Seven: Competitive Ping-Pong Enthusiast

She may have given up tennis as a teenager, but she has become quite the fan of another sport – ping-pong. She even bought a table to use at work with her co-workers. She claims that people playing against them may not find it very fun, however, because they all get so competitive.

Number Six: Working With Someone From Her Favorite Show

You may recognize Kaley from the show 8 Simple Rules, where she starred with John Ritter. Well, it turns out she has named Three’s Company as one of her favorite shows ever, which made working with the late Ritter a dream come true.

Number Five: Voice Acting

She doesn’t only appear in person when it comes to acting. She has also done some voice acting, including the part of Brandy Harrington, the dog on the Disney Channel show, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.

Number Four: She’s a Great Horseback Rider

She loves riding horses and has one named Bojangles. Apart from this hobby, she also likes to kickbox, bowl, and play the drums.

Number Three: She’s Hidden Injuries on Big Bang Theory

Horseback riding has not always been kind to the actress, though, and she broke her leg after falling off a horse one time. She had to miss a bit of work because of this, and when she returned to the show, they had to come up with inventive ways to hide her injury.

Number Two: ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’

Cuoco and her ex-boyfriend once recorded a duet of this famous song. This was to benefit the Humane Society of America.

Number One: Kaley Cuoco Is a Bargain Hunter

She loves shopping and says that she’s very good at it, but says the majority of the clothes in her closet at home have never actually been worn, she just likes to own them. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list.

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