Kali Briis - I Love Your Face (Official Music Video)

Kali Briis – I Love Your Face

This an interesting video by Kali Briis for “I Love Your Face”.  It starts off with stylized birds that look similar to penguins, flipping switches on and off to the metronome-like beat.  And then, when the techno of the song takes off, one of the birds hits another one in the head with a rock!  That one falls down, while others start delicately drumming to the song’s new beat; and then, the bird that was hit is kissed on the cheek by another bird.  The bird that did the kissing then starts to shyly proclaim over and over again that “I love your face” – to the point that the first bird that fell down appears to faint, possibly from being embarrassed.  The multiples of the bird claiming to live the other bird’s face start pressing buttons and other things in time with the techno beat, also singing back up to the repetition of the words “I love your face” … Eventually, at the end, it seems like the bird that originally fell down was dreaming the entire thing, waking up to an alarm clock and seeing the little bird that was supposedly declaring its love to the bigger bird was sleeping.

Music by Kali Briisfacebook.com/kalibriis
Video by Chintis Lundgrenchintislundgren.com
Record Label: onesensemusic.com

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