Kanye is Executive Producing Rihanna's Album

Kanye is Executive Producing Rihanna’s Album

Courtesy of Reuters

Courtesy of Reuters

Kanye West announced on the Grammy Awards red carpet that he is executive producing Rihanna‘s new album. “I’m executive producing Rihanna’s album. I played her my album. And I told her, ‘I got a few songs with Paul McCartney,'” West told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. West added, “She [Rihanna] couldn’t get past the record. She had to have it on her album. So now we’re at the Grammys doing it.” Kanye West, Rihanna, and Paul McCartney performed their song “FourFiveSeconds” at last night’s awards show. West also said he did not know when Rihanna was going to release her album, but he did reveal the song will also appear on his project too. West’s upcoming album does not have an actual release date either. 

Last week, the music video for “FourFiveSeconds” was released. The song wasn’t the only thing that grabbed people’s attention; the artists’ fashion was also something fans couldn’t stop talking about. West, Rihanna, and McCartney all wore denim in the music video. Rihanna was asked about the recording artists’ fashion choice. “Kanye came up with the idea of just doing some real street, denim, all-American type look. Denim never goes out of style,” the singer responded. She added, “It’s [denim] classic, it’s iconic, just like the f***ing Beatles.” 

Kanye West and his fashion sense have been quite the topic lately, and the rapper wore his Yeezy Boost sneakers during his solo Grammy Awards‘ performance of “Only One.” West first debuted his Yeezy Boost shoes the day before at Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch. There is speculation that the Yeezys will go on sale after New York Fashion Week, and Adidas is expected to release just 3,000 pairs of the sneakers for either $250 or $350 dollars. West’s last sneaker deal was with Nike, in which he released his Nike Air Yeezy sneakers in 2009 and 2012. The last version of the Air Yeezy’s were the Red October’s, and they were released last year. 

Last night, Big Sean performed at the House of Blues, and West made a guest appearance at the show. West took the stage and reportedly “called-out” Nike, in regards to their shoe controversy with the rapper. “I just want to talk to Portland right quick, everybody at the Nike office right quick,” West said to the audience. The rapper then pointed to Jay-Z, who was in the audience, and he said, “Hov, I ain’t going to talk too long, but I got to say something. Because I know the execs are saying Nike ain’t scared of Kanye West.” An instrumental of West’s “New Slaves” started playing and the rapper told the crowd, “Ya’ll should thank Nike because they made me make these songs right here.” The last performance of the night featured Big Sean performing his song “I Don’t F*** With You” alongside Kanye West, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, YG, DJ Mustard, Tyga, and Ty Dolla $ign

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