Kanye West: 'Awesome' Single Review

Kanye West: ‘Awesome’ Single Review



Kanye West is gifted in the most unique way among all the artists in the hip hop industry. He is a controversial artist that the world loves and respects for speaking his mind. His marriage to Kim Kardashian, however, changed him a lot. We saw more of his kind, romantic and soft side. Therefore, it is no surprise that his single, “Awesome,” is not a hardcore hip hop song. It shows a softer side of him that we love a lot. “Awesome” is an awesome song. It’s kind of hard to describe a good song that reduces your vocabulary by taking out that word that would be the perfect description and using it in its title. But the impressiveness of “Awesome” does not limit your vocabulary, it invokes more accurate words for better description.

Kanye West is still fresh in our minds and ears after his outstanding performance on “FourFiveSeconds” with Rihanna and Paul McCartney. Before we even get into discussing “Awesome,” let us reflect on the evolution of Kanye West music since his last album, Yeezus. Personally, I didn’t think Yeezus was a good album, but I thought it was rather great and too futuristic for our time then. He was predicting a new musical direction that the world was not ready to take. But ever since then, Kanye West has changed his style, and he is giving us great music of our time.

“Awesome” is a song about an amazing woman. Who is described by the word awesome? My computer’s dictionary defines “awesome” as “inspiring awe or admiration or wonder.” The lyrics and presentation show off Kanye’s loving, softer side that is currently the face of Kanye. I guess marrying the girl of your dreams has such an effect on a man. Kanye West in “Awesome” tells this lady, “I read your last message at least a thousand times.” Any lady that would be told this, would suddenly be thrown in an “aww!” moment. He then asks her “why would you ever listen to people tryna hate on you?” You definitely must be inspiring admiration to have people saying things just because they hate on you.

Kanye later tells her to stop everything she is doing now because she is awesome. Can you imagine how awesome you must be to stop whatever you are doing because you are awesome? That is something to ponder about. The entire song sounds heartfelt, and it is lovely. Lovely would never be the word to describe a Kanye West song. I mean, this man is the epitome of hardcore. But “Awesome” is a lovely song. It is amazing hearing someone sounding so sincere on a song; he talks about how excellent, how different and extraordinary she is. You can feel the love and the honesty of a man that knows that he is lucky to have this beautiful lady; a man that treasures this lady and sees all her best features and qualities.

As much as “Awesome” is an incredible song, I don’t like the heavy use of auto-tune. Auto-tune is a phase in music that is long gone. And in all honesty, Kanye West shouldn’t be calling upon the power of auto-tune to make a song sound amazing. The fact that it’s him on the track, the track has no choice but to sound amazing.

The entire song is played on a piano, and it complements the lyrics in the best way possible. Putting these lyrics on a piano was a well-calculated move, and Kanye West is all about style. This song will speak to you and your lady or your man. It is a magnificent piece, and I loved hearing this from Kanye. It shows off his creativity that remains one of the most unique in the business. I am looking forward to his new album, Swish, which will be released next month.

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