Karate Dancer - Main Roads (Official Music Video)

Karate Dancer – Main Roads

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Hailing from Spain and based in Ecuador, Karate Dancer presents us with their optical illusion of a music video entitled “Main Roads.” The effects of using still pictures and looping them in fast movement results in the illusion of moving images (think of it as a .gif). Immediately the track begins when we hear the heavy use of synths, implying that this track will be a dance anthem. Our female protagonist is wearing a long washed-out hoodie, sheer tights with runs, and boots. She’s wandering in a deserted land with what looks like two volcanoes just miles away.

Different scenes play throughout the video, such as our female character walking in the woods, standing in the rain, blowdrying her hair, and playing with a mysterious crystal in the water. The video has a deeper meaning that lies within. The video is just as appealing as the track. Marcela Cáceres and Sergio Fernández are the masters behind the alternative, electronic project and have just recently formed not too long ago. Their first EP Jyu Kumite will be released sometime this month.

Directed by Vigorexia Capilar
Music by Karate Dancer 2015

Website: karatedancer.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/karatedancermusic
Instagram: instagram.com/karatedancerband
Twitter: twitter.com/karatedancerKD

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