Kate Copeland - Breaking

Kate Copeland – Breaking

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Kate Copeland released a new video for her song, “Breaking” which is very beautiful. Copeland is the stage name of singer/songwriter Kate Ettinger, who divides her time between Seattle and New York. She has slowly built a reputation for herself as an intricate orchestral pop composer, as well as a lovely singer. Her music draws on a wide range of influences, from Stravinsky, to folk music, to psychedelic rock. She just dropped her debut album, Recollection Room, to great reviews. “Breaking” is the lead single on the album, and it gives us a good idea of Copeland’s spectrum. A graduate of the Oberlin conservatory of music, Copeland has a strong background in music theory and composition. This song includes twinkling piano and ukulele lines, as well as a slow, groaning cello that I love. The song swells slowly, weaving more sounds into its texture and pulling you into richer emotional eddies. The video shows Copeland, dressed as a 50’s era housewife wandering alone around a beautiful house. At first the video is in black and white, but it slowly infuses with color as the song develops. As she sings into the camera, paint splatters across her face, and she removes her perfect wig. The storyline is nice but subtle, and full of real meaning.

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