Katy Perry Makes Big Donation for TLC's Album

Katy Perry Makes Big Donation for TLC’s Album

Courtesy of Joe Pugliese / The Hollywood Reporter

Courtesy of Joe Pugliese / The Hollywood Reporter

Katy Perry must be a huge TLC fan. The pop singer donated $5,000 to TLC’s Kickstarter campaign. Perry‘s $5,000 donation means she will be able to have a slumber party with T-Boz. Both Chilli and T-Boz confirmed Perry’s pledge on social media, “A BIG Special THANK YOU 2 @katyperry for her pledge to our #Kickstarter Campaign! Your (sic) awesome,” says T-Boz on Twitter. Chilli tweeted, “Wow @katyperry…thanks so much for pledging!” As reported earlier, TLC’s final album is a Kickstarter project, in which fans can donate money to fund the album. So far, eighty-five percent of TLC’s $150,000 goal has been funded. 

TLC and Nelly will join New Kids On The Block for The Main Event tour. New Kids On The Block member, Donnie Wahlberg, made the tour announcement on Good Morning America a couple of days ago. “We are bringing with us the biggest girl group in the history of music – TLC.” Wahlberg continued, “This is such a great bill and we have so many hit records and such huge followings that we just want to make it the party of the year. That’s why we call it The Main Event. It’s going to be the event of the year.” TLC and New Kids On The Block performed at the Mixtape Festival last year, and that’s where the idea to do this tour together came about. 

Rapper Nelly sent in a video message to announce his participation on the tour, “I will be on The Main Event tour with the homies New Kids On The Block and the homegirls TLC. That’s right, so make sure y’all come- show out.” Nelly said he couldn’t make it to Good Morning America because he was in Japan performing for the troops. Wahlberg also claims New Kids are going to pledge $10,000 for TLC’s Kickstarter project, as long as TLC agrees to record a song with the band. The Main Event tour starts on Friday, May 1st in Las Vegas, Nevada. The tour will conclude in Buffalo, New York in July. Fans can purchase tickets starting on January 31st through Live Nation or Ticketmaster. American Express card members can pre-order tickets on January 23rd.

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