Katy Perry's Super Bowl Show Makes History

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Show Makes History

Courtesy of WireImage

Courtesy of WireImage

Katy Perry‘s Super Bowl halftime show was the most-watched halftime show ever. Perry’s performance brought in 118.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen data. Nielsen began tracking halftime shows in 1991. That same year, New Kids On The Block became the first pop act to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show. The pop singer managed to surpass Bruno Mars‘ 2014 halftime show by 3.2 million viewers. Katy Perry performed her hit songs “Roar,” “Dark Horse,” “I Kissed a Girl,” “California Gurls,” and “Firework.” All of those songs have seen a rise in sales since her halftime show performance. One of Perry’s special guest performers, Missy Elliott, is expected to earn a 1,000 percent increase in sales. The rapper is expected to sell more than 70,000 downloads this week. The week before her Super Bowl performance, Elliott had only sold 6,000 downloads.

This increase in artist’s sales after performing during the NFL Super Bowl is part of the reason why the NFL wanted the recording artists to pay to perform at the event. Sources claim that NFL representatives reached out to artists about paying for this year’s event. They reportedly asked the artists if they would be willing to give a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour earnings, or make a financial contribution to the NFL. After Beyoncé performed at the Super Bowl in 2013, she announced her Mrs. Carter Show world tour. Bruno Mars also went on tour right after his halftime show performance, and tickets for his Moonshine Jungle tour went on sale the day after the Super Bowl. 

The NFL may have a hard time convincing artists that they should pay to perform. The reality is, these mainstream artists are already selling millions of records and selling out shows, regardless if they perform at the Super Bowl or not. When Katy Perry was asked about paying to perform at this year’s halftime show, the pop singer responded that she “put her foot down very early in the courtship.” Perry also said she told league representatives, “Look guys, here’s where I draw a line in the sand.” The league does not pay for artists to perform during the halftime show, but they cover travel and production expenses. The league’s expenses that they cover for artists costs them millions a year. On the other hand, the NFL brings in more than $9.5 billion a year (the league is also exempt from Federal taxes), according to Forbes magazine. Forbes also reports that NBC is expected to profit more than $360 million in revenue from the Super Bowl advertisements in just one night. 

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