KCIDY - Stormy Day (Official Music Video)

KCIDY – Stormy Day

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The music video for “Stormy Day” by KCIDY is mystic, ethereal, and complex. It begins in a place filled with textures of purple and blue, all encompassed by a misty glow. On one side, a woman wearing a shimmering gold headpiece over her eyes clutches a long white branch that resembles a bone, swinging it back and forth in one hand. On the other side, a boy in a Keith Haring-esque shirt and blue hat sits in a crumpled gold shell, swinging a rock back and forth on a string. They both seem to be keeping time in the heavenly place. The feeling is enforced by a glass cube of water, which rocks back and forth in perfect rhythm between them. It is possible that the woman (with the bone-like object) represents death and the young boy (in the egg-like structure) represents life. When the boy begins dropping the crystalline rocks into the cube, people are born; thrust into the water, encased in crumpled plastic, and swimming free. From there on out, the video builds a captivating dreamscape and pulls you deeper and deeper into the music.

Produced by Wemotion
Directed by Beaurepaire
Original Idea by Pauline Le Caignec
Art Direction by Antonin Hako
Artwork by THTF
From the EP, Pursuit, available on CD here
Mixing by Clément Sbaffe
Mastering by Antoine Nouel

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