Keaton Henson - Don't Swim (Official Music Video)

Keaton Henson – Don’t Swim

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In all of the wonderful, hazy uncertainty in Keaton Henson’s video for “Don’t Swim,” there is an overwhelming feeling of peace. As the rich, stop-and-go melody conveys heavy emotion, the video moves at a silky, slow pace. If I had to pin down a main theme, it would probably be spiritual awakening. But there are so many interesting symbols and ideas in this video, it could be interpreted in many ways. The main character we focus on is a girl with pink hair, who starts to dance languidly with a man in a remote dive bar in Bolivia. As she dances, she seems to feel a parallel with a distant memory, which took place at a tribal gathering. In the dreamlike recollection, she is given new clothes and set free to wander on a beach in the sunset. She gradually goes from strolling to running, and it is clear she is waking up in some way. Back at the bar, the slow motion suddenly lurches up to speed as she begins dancing fervently. The impact is almost startling, and it is amazing how they pulled it off with just a little bit of creative timing.

Starring – Diana Herzog
Director – João Nuno Pinto
Dir. of Photography – Rui Poças
Assistant Director – Fernanda Polacow
Focus Puller – Nicolás Taborga
Logger – Ali López
Wardrobe Stylist – Elisa Faulhaber
Hair Stylist – Alexandre Carvalho
Executive Producer – Mario Peixoto
Production Manager – Bruno Arneiro
Production Coordinator – Sami Smidi
Local Producer – Gustavo Slucka
Editor – Leandro Ferrari
Color Correction – Pshyco, São Paulo
Production Company – Delicatessen Filmes
Shot in Bolívia, September 2014


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