Kehlani: 'You Should Be Here' Music Video Review

Kehlani: ‘You Should Be Here’ Music Video Review

Kehlani- ‘You Should Be Here Music Video Review - MusicSnake

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We’re pretty much in the middle of 2015 and Kehlani’s latest release You Should Be Here has to be my favorite mixtape or album out so far (Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” is a close runner-up). The 15 track collection of love songs, confident kiss-offs and a few inspirational songs to round it out have had a constant place on my playlists and I highly recommend giving the mixtape a listen if you haven’t already (“Jealous”, “The Way” and “Wanted” are some of my favorites off of the record). A review of the mixtape doubling as an album can be found on this site so I won’t repeat my detailed thoughts of the album but I’ll definitely discuss the visual for her single “You Should Be Here”.

Released in late April, the Topshelf Junior-directed visual matches the calm, dope feel of the track. Starting off in the middle of a desert most likely somewhere in California (Fun fact: Kehlani is from the Bay), Kehlani looks stunning as she sings the first verse of “You Should Be Here”. More shots of Kehlani rocking a leather jacket and feeling the song around the desert can be seen after the set up and it’s nice. The shots are clean and there’s a certain feel to the location that really compliment the song. Compared to her choreography driven visual for “FWU” or the artistic vibe of “First Position”, the visual for “You Should Be Here” seem very simple but I guess it matches the vibe of the song.

The straightforward visual doesn’t take away from the quality of the song. Adding a storyline to the video would’ve definitely made me a bigger fan of it but I’m sure we’ll see more videos from You Should Be Here soon enough. The honesty and passion Kehlani invokes in this song still hits me and seeing her sing the lines makes me want to catch her in concert the next chance I get. The buzz for Kehlani continues to grow, most recently performing at Summer Jam and snagging a spot on a commercial for the next streaming giant Apple Music. I’m excited to hear how Kehlani progresses on her next full length release and see her fanbase continue to grow with the Tsunami Mob member. Don’t sleep on her!

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