Keith Richards: Top 8 Outrageous Interview Quotes

Keith Richards: Top 8 Outrageous Interview Quotes

Keith Richards: Top 8 Outrageous Interview Quotes

The man the myth the legend. Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards is universally loved around the world. The rocker has lived through pretty much everything. From a copious amount of drugs to a near death experience with a coconut tree. A raw talent with the looks to match. Keef’ has established himself as one of the coolest men in music. Here are 8 of the most outrageous interview quotes from the man who definitely wins at life.

Number Eight: On Mick

”The only things Mick and I disagree about is the band, the music and what we do.” Famed for such a unique yet successful partnership with the Swagger Jagger Rolling Stone himself. Richards couldn’t describe it any better.

Number Seven: On Doctors

Medical marvel Richards has defied death a number of times. And the secret? ”I don’t trust doctors. It’s not to say there ain’t some good ones, but on a general level, no, I wouldn’t trust ’em at all.”

Number Six: On Growing Old

“Some things get better with age. Like me.” Couldn’t have said it better by myself.

Number Five: On Pharmaceuticals

Known to have dabbled with the D word and mishaps with the P word. “I’ve never had a problem with drugs, only with policemen.” 

 Number Four: On The Ladies

“Women are a beautiful complication, and I look forward to far more beauties and far more complications.” It’s not all about music for the lothario legend.

Number Three: On Death

“The idea of retiring is like killing yourself. It’s almost like Harikiri. I intend to live to 100 and go down in history.”  And Don’t we believe it. Seeing out palm trees, heroin, alcohol and fires, Keith Richards will never die.

Number Two: On When The Time Eventually Comes

“I don’t want to see my old friend Lucifer just yet. He’s the guy I’m gonna see, isn’t it? I’m not going to the Other Place, let’s face it.” No sympathy for the devil just yet, Keef.

Number One: On Keith Richards

“Some people think I’m a mythical genius, others think I’m a junkie madman.” And in the end. What do you think?

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