Kelis's 'Friday Fish Fry' Remix Served up by Darq E Freaker

Kelis’s ‘Friday Fish Fry’ Remix Served up by Darq E Freaker

Kelis's 'Friday Fish Fry' Remix a la Darq E FreakerPhotos courtesy of i-D and RBMA radio

UK producer Darq E Freaker is best known for serving up ‘grime’ hip-hop beats, so it was a bit surprising to find this restrained remix of  ‘Friday Fish Fry’ by Kelis served up yesterday afternoon. Freaker takes Kelis’s warm vocals, fresh from her Food album, and stashes them in the freezer with this atmospheric remix of Friday Fish Fry. The end result is delicious. Pairing his signature technicolor grime flavors and Kelis’s dense soulful style creates a new spaced-out sound from the London producer. In comparison to previous hard-hitting remixes (like his re-work of Cakes Da Killa’s ‘I Run This Club’) this track is comparably tame and plays upon a looser, spacier vibe than anything we’ve seen before. Kelis’s vocals remain fiery and impatient (“I need ice. cold. water.”), and with Darq E’s sci-fi-esque production, each artist somehow complements each other to create a chilled-out aesthetic. Its unexpected, but it works.
Professor Freaker’s remix of Friday Fish Fry has impressive company. The track has also been remixed by Mount Kimbie, Visionist, and Machinedrum, and more are sure to come via Ninja Tune. Kelis will release a slew of remixes off of her Food album on August 11th She’s also set up to perform at the Latitude Festival (August 17th-20th) in Suffolk, New York. Darq E Freaker also has some new beats in the oven, and rumor is he’s cooking up a 5 -track EP to be released later this year.
We’ve already nodded at Darq E as one of the up-and -coming acts out of London, and this remix of Kelis proves his ability to experiment beyond his signature grime elements,and explore a more laid-back sound, showing he has the versatility to stay relevant. You can pick the single when it drops on August 11th via NinjaTune, and buy Kelis’s FOOD LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more from Kelis.

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