Kelly Clarkson: 'Invincible' Single Review

Kelly Clarkson: ‘Invincible’ Single Review

Kelly Clarkson: ‘Invincible’ Single Review

Kelly Clarkson “had lost hope” and is “running from any empty threat of abandonment.” More importantly, she is now “Invincible” and is no longer “a scared little girl no more,” on her single from the latest album, Piece by Piece. The powerhouse vocalist never sounded so vocally confident and personable. This is her best vocal demonstration since her song, “The Trouble With Love Is.” The passion in her vocals conveys how Clarkson overcame her struggles and adversities; she faces them head on: “What was I running from / What was I running for / I was hiding from the world / I was so afraid, I felt so unsure.” Ready for the world, she sings, “I have courage now, gonna shout it out.”

Clarkson’s voice carries the heart through deep emotional scars in this major comeback song. The conscientious performance will certainly inspire anyone who may feel alone, lost or even just a little hopeless. In a revealing sincerity, she confesses her darkest moments with grace and courage. More importantly, the track acts as a miracle of joy for listeners who are either in need of this record or those who want a change.

The production is equal to a spiritual movement at church. It is largely due in part to the dramatic drums instigating drama for the vocals to accelerate the limits in an effortless, chilling, and Aretha Franklin-esque ending. During the bridge, the song and vocals progress with such vibrant feeling as it takes over. The magic of this track releases the worries of the heart, freeing them into forgetfulness. Relieving stress, the chorus is an inspiring, well-baked slice of pop pie: “Beat down on me, beat down like a waterfall / Cause I can take on so much more than I had ever dreamed / So beat down on me, beat down like a waterfall / Cause baby, I am ready to be free.”

Clarkson is back, prolonging her dominance with the hit song, “Invincible.” In the end, she sheds her past image and introduces the world to the fearless dynamic vocal treasure. In time, it will surely reach number one status on Billboard Top 100. Kelly Clarkson is back and no longer afraid anymore, being free as a bird flying into her supreme destiny; she has never sounded better in her career.

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