Kelly Clarkson: 'Piece By Piece' Album Review

Kelly Clarkson: ‘Piece By Piece’ Album Review

Kelly Clarkson, the most successful American Idol winner, revealed her deepest entity on her seventh studio album entitled Piece By Piece last year. As a whole, the album stands as a proof of her boldly offering artistry in a refreshing dimension. Clarkson sings with an invigorated voice. The temperature rises in the pumping pop mid-tempo track, “Heartbeat Song.” The vocal layering portrays the power behind her incredible voice meant to give goosebumps.

Empowering and electric drums inspire Clarkson to cut up and act like a fool vocally on “Invincible.” She now “feel the dots connecting” and can now “take on more than she had ever dreamed.” Her courage is clear in a nuance never seen from the already powerhouse vocalist, which is often overlooked. The next song, “Someone,” is a blunt confession of ignoring all the “Red flags up and raised, but she “drove it anyway” because “we were a crash course.” In the song, she highlights, “Someone / To fight for / Someone / To die for / Someone / whose arms will hold you tight enough / To be / The reason you breath” this is her apology.”

Sensing something “new,” she asks for trust (“Don’t be afraid / Let me /open your heart wide”) on the epic ballad, “Take You High.” Production hither is truly astounding, giving an 80’s pop vibe during the verses then breaking into modern pop chants during the chorus. The album’s title track reveals that a breakup took place at the airport after she traveled: “1600 miles / to see you.” The second verse is where emotions drive home: “And all of your words / fall flat / I made something of myself / and / now you want to come back.”

In the ballad, “Run Run Run,” the opening verse sounds like Christina Aguilera. The vocals bleed of pain from John Legend and Clarkson both engaging in a stunning chorus that is magnetic and intoxicating. There’s hard knock bridge where the loud drums take over the soul, causing an out-of-body experience. Next up is “I Had A Dream,” which is immensely encouraging and fire-spitting. Clarkson swings home runs of wisdom in a modern and different retro record that was never recorded like this before for the singer. It is one of those “Where Is The Love,” type of record meant to inspire change, but with a contemporary element sure to connect with the public.

“Let Your Tears Fall,” is a nice and similar production to the incredible record, “Out of the Woods” (Taylor Swift’s 1989). It is a fun pop song and may make a good single somewhere down the line, but is not one of the best records in the album. Nevertheless, piano-driven ballad, “Tightrope,” picks up the momentum once again, and inside is a dramatic tear-jerker where her vocals soothe the pain in a delicate fashion. Clarkson is ready for battle on “War Paint.” The most annoying thing about the song is that it sounds too much like something Katy Perry would release.

Rest assured, the following song, “Dance With Me,” is a dance floor anthem made for the clubs and the summer months. The free-spirited track is California cool for the summer’s embrace and will make anyone want to dance. Back to the conventional pop path on “Nostalgic,” Clarkson sings nicely, including a fine throwback to the pop records from the 1980’s.

Next is the pleasing song, “Good Goes The Bye,” which is one of the record’s best pop songs. Soon enough, the chorus will be rooted in its rightful place. Its soothing backdrop creates the mood for the lyrics to plant themselves in the heart: “Break goes the heart / Wrong goes the right / Good goes the bye.” The soul session on the impressive “Bad Reputation,” is genuinely courageous as we hear Clarkson grill her ex for attempting to ruin her reputation.

“In the Blue” is a surprising gem hidden with its 808 beat ringing loud as Clarkson pieces her heart together and starts over in an awesome and helpful sendoff to the exes. Lastly, the song, “Second Wind,” comes and closes the album with another catchy hook: “Just when you think / I’m at the end / Any second / Imma catch my second wind.” And the vocal stylings sound enchanting, supplying prestigious elevation. Piece By Piece is Clarkson manifesting some expressive vocal swagger in her freshly recovered courage. She shows her artistry in the best fashion through this album.

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