Kelpe - Go Visible (Official Music Video)

Kelpe – Go Visible

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London-based electronic artist Kelpe’s video for “Go Visibile” is riddled with amazingly done, surreal visual effects that compliment his unique sound perfectly. The strange video begins with a girl waking on the couch of stranger. They were kind enough to leave her a note, however, which reads, “Good morning! Make yourself at home, I’ll be back soon. XXX.” The curious, quirky girl places the note down and begins exploring the apartment, which is conveyed through kurt scenes of her looking through the person’s bookshelf, boiling eggs, and setting their kitchen table. Soon, she begins an abstract dance at the center of the room, and flows along to the song’s synthy melody. Wearing all black, the girl is contorted, diced, and pixelated by various effects throughout her routine, contributing an added sense of drama to her simple movements. Will we ever discover the owner of the home in which she dances? Click play and groove along to Kelpe’s latest video to find out!

Video by Mira Loew and David Altweger
Available on Kelpe LP Fourth: The Golden

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