Kenny Chesney Bridges Gap with "American Kids"

Kenny Chesney Bridges Gap with “American Kids”

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Kenny Chesney isn’t quite the youthful superstar he was five years ago, but he understands that and that understanding is why his newest music videoAmerican Kids” is such a unique triumph.

“American Kids” is a nostalgic celebration of youth that bridges the fun loving (and at times reckless) periods of the modern and past era. While the bus used in the video is taken right out of the 60’s the young people occupying it bear more resemblance to Millenials than Hippies. This serves to bridge the ever growing gap between the carefree youth of today and the judgmental powers of today.

More than an anthem of young people throughout the years, the video serves as a declaration of who Kenny Chesney is now. With this song, Chesney transitions from the young country heartthrob of the 2000’s into a wiser, respectful presence who till knows how to have fun. This transformation allows him to have his cake and eat it to by embracing his age while still connecting with the younger generation. Too often aging artists have tried to ignore their age in a desperate attempt to stay relevant to young people (New Kids on the Block’s comeback a few years ago is a recent example). Chesney takes the more dignified path and because of it can expect to be around for many years to come.

The song itself is a wonderfully complimentary take on the American youth with declarations that being a young American sets you apart from any other youth in the world. This interpretation echoes Chesney’s own words regarding the song. In his interview to CountryMusicRocks, Chesney explains “There is so much more to being alive than partying, tailgates and bonfires. It’s every single detail of being young, growing up, remembering when, laughing about how, but especially knowing you can still do all those things! American kids are so much more complicated, more fun, more real …. Just because it makes you smile, that doesn’t mean a song can’t say something! To me, it’s the songs that feel so good that really bring home a message.”

Check out the music video here and join the celebration.

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