Kid Francescoli - Blow Up (Official Music Video)

Kid Francescoli – Blow Up

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Kid Francescoli’s music video for “Blow Up” opens with a simple exchange between lovers. “If one day I disappear, will you search for me?” she asks, and he answers, “I will.” Then the music slowly starts to build up as the suspenseful mystery begins. The young man is searching and searching for his girl, who has run away and hid herself somewhere in America, most likely New York City. She has left him clues along the way, which he is desperately following, trying to reach the end of the hunt, trying to reach her. Not all of the lyrics are sung, some are actually recited in a poetry-reading fashion, and dialogue from characters outside of the couple flashes on the screen in big block letters. These extra characters carry and deliver clues to the man, and throughout the video he chases them down until he finally comes close to catching up with her in a subway station. The video ends like it opened, with a home-video style exchange between the couple, recorded before she disappeared.

Music by Kid Francescoli with Julia Minkin, Emily Wroe, Alexander Kikis, Hannah Green, Kay Gbolade, Amanda Marie Schaefer
Written, edited and directed by Hawaii & Smith
Produced by Eric Buisson for Ursus
Sound Design: Gilles Cab
Production Coordinator: Cecile Henault
Casting: Matther Wulf for Wulf


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