Kid Rock: 'First Kiss' Single Review

Kid Rock: ‘First Kiss’ Single Review

We all imagine being able to “go back in time” to those moments that stand out in our memories among all the rest. Kid Rock’s “First Kiss” just may be the new anthem for our time-machine dreams. Three years after Rebel Soul gave America’s veterans a theme song, “Let’s Ride”, Kid Rock has returned with a new anthem for our lovers, past and present.

Diving right into a reminiscent tale of a childhood crush who he actually names Jenny Clayton, one has to wonder if this will be another Delilah moment in music history. The song continues to his teenage years when his old beat-up truck was the carriage he rode the ladies in. Kid Rock up plays the reality of teen years by mentioning tailgate parties and night-time drives. The school circle ridiculed of breakups and make ups are included in the tale to symbolize the maturity of love at the period in time. In the song, the chorus says “Cause it reminds me of my first kiss / And those days I’ll always miss / Tom Petty on the radio / Going steady with nowhere to go /No money just time to spend / An old Chevy and a couple friends / Oh I wish that I could go back in time.”

The song plays into radio-friendly sound that modern rock requires to succeed – a newer thing for the artist as just a few years ago, Kid Rock was saying “God Save Rock ‘N’ Roll,” with an older sound. The vocals are flawless, and the music almost reached perfection with the catchy melody. Cleverly, “First Kiss” gradually takes you through the time machine, next to the early twenties when adulthood adds its struggles onto a relationship, and somehow your love survives all of the tests.

Finally, in the end, a lovely array of electric guitars and a repeating of the phrase “first kiss,” fades the song out. Overall, the song is one of those songs that you’ll listen to and think of someone. Or in the true essence of the song, more than one person that you wish you could “love again.” It’s a great comeback for the Kid and leaves anticipation to listen to the new album, which is surely superior to the last.

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