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Kidnapper Attacks 11-Year-Old Girl In Texas, But Her Little Beagle Immediately Pounced In To Save Her Life

Kidnapper Attacks 11-Year-Old Girl In Texas, But Her Little Beagle Immediately Pounced In To Save Her Life

Having their child kidnapped is one of the scariest realities that a parent could ever imagine. However, it does happen and it leaves families devastated and completely broken. When one young girl living in Texas was about to be kidnapped, she had no idea what was going to happen to her. Then, an unexpected hero decided to step up to the plate and help her out…

20. Kidnapping Stats


According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year. When you do the numbers, this means that 2,000 children a day go missing. This is an enormous number.

19. Family Members

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One of the most shocking statistics associated with kidnapping is that most kids are abducted by family members. In fact, NCMEC says 203,000 children are kidnapped each year by family members. That is a huge number, however, that doesn’t mean that kids don’t get kidnapped by complete strangers.

18. Stranger Danger


In comparison to family members, kidnappings done by strangers makes up quite a smaller percentage. Out of the 800,000 that go missing each year, around 115 of them are kidnapped at random by strangers. Although the number is not as big it is still a terrifying statistic.

17. Horrible Situation

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One young girl would soon find herself in a horrible situation with a kidnapper in her community in Pasadena, Texas. The young girl’s family has been shaken by the girl’s account of what happened. However, they are so grateful to an unexpected hero that stepped up to save her life.

16. Community

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It was an average day in the Willow Oaks townhouse community in Pasadena, Texas. An 11-year-old girl was outside of her home when she came across a frightening encounter. The girl spotted a man inside of a dark SUV that was looking at her strangely.

15. Walking Away

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Although she was frightened, the young girl continued to go on her way, hoping to get away from the strange vehicle. However, the driver of the SUV continued to follow her around and eventually caught up to her. The 11-year-old girl was horrified!

14. Grabbing Her

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Eventually, the man inside of the vehicle decided that he would try to grab the young girl and pull her into his car. The girl was scared and struggling to get way from him. However, she was much smaller than the man and it was hard for her to put up a good fight.

13. A True Friend

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Luckily, the young girl had left the house with a true companion by her side. Her 15-pound Beagle Terrier mix named Ray was right by her side. Ray could tell that the situation was fishy and he wasn’t going to stand for anyone hurting his best friend!

12. Sister’s Tale

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The young girl’s sister spoke to the news, recounting the story that she was told by her sister. “She spotted a man that was looking at her really weird,” Bianca Hernandez, told Houston-based KPRC. “He grabbed her by the arm and said, ‘Come on.‘”

11. Big No-No

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Ray immediately sensed that something wasn’t right and knew that he had to do something to protect his owner that he loves so much. So Ray did what any loving dog would do in a situation like this. He bit the man…hard!

10. Big Bite

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“The dog was like ‘uh-uh, this is not any regular person,’ so yeah he went for a bite in the leg and that was the only way for her to free herself,” Hernandez said. The young girl was finally able to get away and ran all the way home with her best friend by her side. It was an amazing escape for this young girl!

9. Surveillance Footage

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Surveillance footage from the cameras around the community were able to capture what the would-be abductor’s car and face looked like. The car was captured leaving the complex at around 9:30 that morning. That’s when the young girl managed to run and meet up with her uncle.

8. Telling the Story

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The young girl immediately began to tell her uncle about what had just happened. As was to be expected, he was furious. He quickly ran out of the house to chase after the SUV that had just attempted to abduct his niece.

7. Not Catching Up

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The uncle ran out of the house, quick as lightning, hoping to catch up to the SUV. However, it turned out to be an unsuccessful mission. The SUV had managed to get away before the uncle could catch up to the driver. However, they would soon have video footage on their side.

6. Video Footage

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The surveillance footage that was captured by the cameras was quickly sent out to the local police department. They began a thorough investigation into who the man is and are actively looking for him. So what evidence do they have at their disposal?

5. Evidence

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Although they are not currently sharing it with the public, the police department has a ton of evidence to go off of. They have a photo of the SUV driver, his license plate, and the type of car that he was driving They hope that with this by their side they can catch this predator soon.

4. Watching Out

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The young girl’s uncle spoke to the news about the situation and stated that it is imperative to watch over our young ones in times like this. “It happens quick, they know what they’re looking for and I said we’ve just really got to keep a close eye on the little ones,” the young girl’s uncle said.

3. Back Home

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Luckily, the young girl is back home where she belongs, safe and sound. Thanks to a small and brave dog, this young girl’s life was spared from a kidnapper whose bad intentions we might never know.

2. Grateful

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The family is so grateful to have her and that she is still safely with them. They are also extremely grateful to their dog who helped her out when she needed it most.  “We’re blessed that she’s OK,” Hernandez said.

1. Still Looking

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The police are still continuing their search for the suspect that was driving a green 2001 Ford Expedition. One eyewitness described the man as a “Hispanic male wearing a tank top with a receding hairline and an upper arm tattoo.” Hopefully the police will capture him soon and bring him to justice.

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